TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Dec 19th

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I am hoping I didn’t embarrass myself too much when I spoke with Jessica and her husband Tom at the party this weekend.  They are fantastic folks with some pretty funny stories.

I’ve programmed GHD situps for a few Wrench workouts now.  I am warning you right now and asking the coaches to do the same, that this is one of the most dangerous movements we perform and it’s only meant for advanced athletes who have performed them before.  The coach needs to evaluate whether or not this is a movement you should try.


All Levels
A. 3 Position Hang Power Clean (High hang, mid thigh, below knee = 1 rep); 2-2-1-1; rest 90sec

B. Clean Grip Deadlift; 3-3-3-3; rest 90sec

Walking Lunge
Sit Up
Push Up


A.  Same as All Levels

B1. Clean Pull; 3-3-3-3; rest 90sec;

B2. Bench Press 5,5,5,5


MedBall Clean with 30/40lb slam balls,

Toes To Bar (if you did Toes to Bar on Tuesday then do GHD situps,  If you did both on Tuesday do 3 Wall Walks each round)

Ring Pushups

A. Deadlift; 6-6-4-4
B. KBS; 10-10-10-10

Walking Lunge
Push Up


“Partner, Ride and Hang”

One partner AD’s while other has to hang on pullup bar.  You switch when one partner drops off of bar.  You can’t start until other partner gets  onto bar.  Switch back and forth until you accumulate 200 cals as a team.  Then right into:

Partners perform;

Walking Lunge
Sit Up
Push Up




Goblet Squats with KB

While partner A goes on a 200m Run, Partner B starts the workout.  When partner A returns they switch and A picks up where B left off.  This goes on until the 21-3 and 3-21 workouts are completed.  Rowing is allowed

Out of Town WOD

Walking Lunge
Sit Up
Push Up

Mobility WOD  


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