TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Nov 27th


The Kids

Eric Lachter’s final words on the latest Biggest Winner Challenge:

Many of you woke up this morning thinking, “what is Eric up to now that BW2 is over and what will he do next?”. Fortunately, I am here to help answer those nagging questions for you.

First of all, BW1 was a big change for me. Who knew that people are supposed to drink water? To exercise? To have vegetables that aren’t beige more than once a week. BW1 was great. I think I lost like 30″. I didn’t write my stuff down, but my pants got looser. And I learned a bunch. Overall it was a massive success.

BW2 was less of an improvement over 8 weeks, maybe 10″. But thats ok. It was still a success and an improvement. And it kept me off goldfish crackers for 8 weeks. Anyhow, now I’m a lifer. I’m like a chubby version of Steve Crane. I’m like an older, slower version of Brian O’Keefe. I’m like a 35 minute 5k version of Howard Solomon. I did PFC. I drank water. I upped my membership to “gold” which means i can come to the gym anytime which is cool. I went 4x a week. I took classes with Moms. And bankers. In the daytime. After 5 in the morning and before 6 at night. Really, they have classes all the time. I overate the nuts and the chocolate, and i overdrank the syrah. The syrah was delicious.

Sure I missed the potluck Sunday, but really, I don’t cook so i wouldn’t have added much value. I showed up the week prior. I brought wine. I sat in my regular parking place alone looking like peter brady at that birthday party he threw for himself and no one else came. No one was there. I FB Imed Susan Crane and she told me I was a week early. She is really nice. Anyhow, Im not a detail man, I like the big picture. Sunday I mountain biked 2 hours in China Camp. Then I hiked with three girls under the age of 9. Then I took a nap with my younger kid. Then I saw the Bond movie with my older kid. It was a great day.

So what’s next for me, for us? Well, here’s whats next for me- more PFC. Less or no (dumb) carbs. Chips, goldfish crackers, butterfingers bars, cupcakes, pizza, cake, cookies – lotta baking going on at my house. Less of those. Continuing to come to the gym 4x a week. Gonna drink more water. I’m still gonna cheat on the chocolate and the wine (don’t tell marcus). I’m gonna write down my workouts and I’m gonna try to lift more weight than a 35# bar with ten pound plates on it. I’m gonna try to measure in once a month and continue to improve on the fat inches thing. Slowly. But surely.

I’m gonna stick with it. In my own way. Call it 80/20. Call it doing the best that I can. Or call it the best that I want to do.

My skinny jeans are loose, and I haven’t seen my fat jeans in months. I should give them away like Cam on modern family did.

Oh hey and one last thing, all that BW2 stuff i did above, I did it (happily) married. I did it as a (good) Dad. I did it while embarking on one of the biggest things of my professional life. I did it on planes and trains and in a prius with a cloth interior eating starbucks chicken for breakfast. For breakfast. I like goals, personal ones, they help me feel like I am doing something for myself. I love and respect the young folks doing this too. Call me in 25 years and let me know if you can relate to the above.

I feel good, I think BW is sustainable, and I think it makes sense. I thank Marcus and TJ and the rest of you for the education. I know what works and I know what doesn’t. I’ll do a bit of both.

Have a good day.

Hard wod today.



All levels
A. Back Squat; 3011; 4-4-4-2
B. DB Russian Step Ups; 6-8 reps/leg (not alternating); 3 sets; rest 90sec

Partner Workout
10 Min AMRAP
7 Thrusters
7 Burpees
7 Pull Ups
*alternate movements

A. Back Squat; 3011; 5 Reps
B. DB Russian Step Ups; 6-8 reps/leg (not alternating); 3 sets; rest 90sec

7 DB Thrusters
7 Burpees
7 Pull Ups

Out of Town WOD

10 Min AMRAP
7 Pushups
7 Burpees
7 Pull Ups


Mobility WOD 

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