TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. Nov 1st

Want to give everyone a heads up here.  We run a little competition called the NorCal Masters (formerly Norcal 40’s).  We are opening registration for the event at tomorrow Nov. 1 at 10am.  Rumor around the interwebs is that this thing might sell out in a few hours.  That might be wishful thinking but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up if you are interested.  This is a rough draft of the poster.

In other news, here is how I cover my ass.  I say that this is the first post about who I want to thank for helping us put on the TJ’s Games.  Then when I get yelled at by the Games Director for not including someone I can say, “Hey, I’ve got it under control.  I was saving them for the second thank you post.  Countdown to trick or treating so the pressure is on.  Here goes:

Tim Redpath and his daughter, Lily.  LIFESAVERS on Saturday.  They drove all over the county picking up last-minute racks and gear and brought them to the Civic Center, then spent all day helping us set up.  Then spent all day Sunday at their Protect Perform booth.  Thank you for your sponsorship, your volunteerism and your community support.  You guys are a class act and I can’t thank you enough. Rip, Evan and Brad Matsik, thank you so much for letting us borrow your racks for the warmup area.  You are gentlemen of the highest order.

Jeremiah Mehler let me know a week ago that he was a no-go for the competition.  The shoulder wasn’t going to heal in time but he was happy to help out anyway possible.  He worked his ass off on Saturday and Sunday getting the rig set up on Saturday and broken down on Sunday.  Then he got all the equipment organized and into the trucks.  This is after judging all day.  He was back at the gym at 6am on Monday.  One of the more stellar human beings in my life.  Thank you Mi.

Tyler Andersen has already won the Spirit of the Games but he deserves more shouting out.  He dragged every single piece of equipment into trucks on Friday.  Unloaded all of it on Saturday.  Competed on Sunday.  Drove all over the county returning gear on Monday.  Went to the Boys Night Out at the Brewco with the rest of the delinquents.  Wrapped the night up at the 2am club with a few athletes who will remain nameless.  Texted me Tuesday and Wednesday morning asking what else he could do to help. Just keep being Tyler Andersen my man, that’s all I ask.

Dan Felling helped me out over the last month more than anyone. He drove all over the Bay Area helping us get stuff together for the Strongman Cert and then the Friday before the Games helped load ALL of the gear.  He and Anthony Ostland broke down the entire rig by themselves a couple of weeks ago, so I could have it hauled away and the new parts put on it.  Dan then loaded the truck with all the gear from San Rafael on Friday.  That would be 2 tons of mats alone.  Another huge thank you to fellow competitor, Amy Blackburn, who dragged 1000lbs of mats onto the truck herself.  What studs.

Ok,  that’s all I have time for tonight because a Tween of Hearts and a DevAngel are stomping their feet.  Much more tomorrow.



Thruster 95/65
Pull Ups

Out of Town WOD


Burpees and Pullups (this sounds terrible)

Mobility WOD 


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