TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Oct 31st

I apologize for not getting a good write up on here yet.  I have so many people to thank and I promise that in between returning gear, re-installing the pullup rig and opening OG2 tomorrow I will get it done.

Speaking of OG2 we are opening this mugga fugga on Thursday.  On Thursday we will be starting the CrossFit 101 classes at 5:45am and 9am with Coaches Anthony and Allison.  These classes are meant for newer clients who are learning the terminology and intensities of our workouts and veteran clients who want a smaller class size who can work on perfecting their technique with a coach giving very specific feedback.

Next week we will be opening a larger schedule with the “Metabolic” classes starting as well.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:45am and 9am Coaches Brit, Toni, Amina and Jess will be crushing you with longer metcons and larger volume.  We will be adding Yoga in mid November.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Here are the final details from this weekend:

TJ’s Games 2012 Final Standings (please see for more detailed scoring info):

Women’s Scaled 2
First Place: Tricia Lesser
Second Place: Sherri Bihn
Third Place: Cynthia Watson

Women’s Scaled 1
First Place: Bridget Peterson
Second Place: Alexis Banducci
Third Place: Patty Flynn

Women’s Rx
First Place: Bridget Yates
Second Place: KC Vlah
First Place: Hilah Schutt

Women 40+ Winner
Amy Blackburn (5th place overall)

Men’s Scaled
Michael Gruen
Steve Crane
Ed Alvarado

Men’s Rx
First Place: Dan Felling
Second Place: Paul Hughes
Third Place: Chris Russell

Men 40+ Winner
Neil Murphy (4th place overall)

All of the athletes who competed are winners in our book!


CrossFit Total

Build to a 1RM in the Back Squat
Build to a 1RM in the Press
Build to a 1RM in the Deadlift

Out of Town WOD

Run a 5k for time

Mobility WOD 


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