Game Day

Ok.  If I didn’t get you in I apologize.  Did my best. In a few hours the alarms go off and we climb out of bed.  Maybe we slept, maybe we didn’t.  As we all converge on the Civic Center our emotions will surge and then subside as we see familiar faces.  Coaches, volunteers, fellow athletes will all be doing the same thing which you won’t see at any other competition.

We’ll all be smiling.

This is for you and for us.  We don’t do this for any other reason then to have you walk in with a smile, and walk out with one.  Hopefully you’ll feel the full embrace of this community, the warmth, the caring and the encouragement most of all.

We’ll see you tomorrow Blue!

Kim Cunningham: from Andy

Kim Cunningham might be the nicest human being on the planet. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I believe being nice and genuinely respecting others is the most important characteristic any  of us can possess. She also happens to be one of the smartest people I’ve ever been around. She is an engineer by training and managed large divisions of international companies, yet she’d never let you know it. Somehow I have found a spot in a company Kim runs with her husband, Bruce, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity. Kim is an amazing athlete and student of this thing we do. She dove head first into our Biggest Winner challenge and is dedicated to a sound nutrition plan. She is a brilliant runner and natural mover with efficient mechanics many of us would kill for. I predict a big performance from Kim on Sunday and I also predict she will be bitten by the competition bug. I can see Kim taking her training to yet another level and perhaps playing on an even larger stage one day. Got get em, K!

Colin Bauer: from Andy
I have no idea where Colin lives or were he came from or how he found us.   I’m damn happy he did. I seem to recall he found us from another CrossFit box and I love seeing him walk through the door. He is a hard charger. Intense. He charges workouts and responds to coaching and encouragement. I love that Colin never cuts corners and completes every single rep, always. I suspect this dude has a long history of competitive athletics. The dude can move. Collegiate lax? Perhaps. He’s focused, determined and I can see him in our program for years to come.
Sky is limit!

Patty Flynn:

There are a few OG’ers and Flynn is the captain.  She runs the early morning classes in SR with an iron fist of embarrassing anecdotes at your expense and inappropriate comments that bring out bouts of hysteria or looong uncomfortable silences.  Girlfriend don’t care.  She just brings it everyday.  Can’t really say much more except, love you kid.  You’re the best.

Jeanette Thorson:

CM regular who has taken an interesting road to these Games.  Kind of one foot in and one foot out almost four years ago.  Wasn’t sure if this was for her.  Slowly but surely she has become in the words of the Games Director a “tiny beast.”  She’s now a regular at that midmorning slot in CM and I can’t wait for her to have her “Confirmation” party.  You’re a CrossFitter Jeanette!

The Champs:

Heather Flynn and Brad Matsik are our reigning TJ’s Games Champs.  I can’t think of two better people to represent what these games are all about.  Train hard and train smart.  Work the weaknesses and look for more.  More out of yourself, more out of your gym, more out of your community.  I think these two will be the Champs that future Champs will be held up against.  The quality of people that they are along side of being ridiculous athletes.  Thank you Heather and Brad.


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