TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. Oct 27th


I have to admit.  I’m stumbling to the finish line here.  I don’t know who I’ve forgotten and for that I apologize.  Look for one last post on a rare Saturday night.  I’ve two more gyms to haul to the Civic Center and my car just died.  Raining meet pouring.  Here we go.

Lisa Travaglini:

We’ve got three people that I know who will have competed in all four of the TJ’s Games and this kid is one of them.  She’s a mother of two who is also a lawyer.  She has a ridiculous motor and has worked on her weaknesses since the good old days.  You can find her with a huge smile on her face every time she’s in the gym.  Great person to coach and a great person to have in the club.

Jennifer Ranghiasci:

Showed up back in the old days.  She works her ass off.  Period.  Loves to compete, loves to get uncomfortable, loves to train.  When I think of someone who has worked for their goals she is top of the list.  She is also one of the three who have competed all four years.  In the sweatbox of OG in 2009, the rain of 2010 in Novato, the chalk/sweat bath of 2011 and now the Big Hall of 2012.  This could be her year and I’ll be screaming for her.

Whit Ball:

Swagger, confidence and balls.  That’s Whitney Ball.  She walks around in the gym like she eats barbells for brunch.  And the Games?  Pffft!  You’ve got to be kidding me.  She’s already called her spot on the podium.  I heard she’s been holding a 35lb between her knees while doing no handed muscle ups.  I heard she’s been tearing phone books in half with one hand.  I heard Joe Ball went to the Far East last week just to get her unicorn tears that she  brushes her teeth with at night.  You should be afraid, very afraid.

Hamilton Kipp:

If you guessed Ham as the third, fourth timer you would be correct.  Ham is the captain of Corte Madera.  He rallies the troops, is the old sage of how to position yourself  so as not to get your nose clipped by someone’s rope with 15 people doing  Annie in CM.  His work ethic is tremendous.  Slowly but surely has PR’d just about every thing, every year.  Consistent and methodical with his approach to his workouts.  Glad to have him as the guardian of all things CM.

Misha Padidar: from Marcus

Misha – Another one of the many TAM high seniors that are starting to run the MV gym.  Shortly after his friend Ingmar joined I remember a kid named Misha showing up to the gym and saying he wanted to start CrossFit. Fast forward about 6 months and he finally emerged ready to go. Before he was finished with Foundations he was teaching himself butterfly pull ups. He was also master the muscle up. Rx thoughts were in his head on day 1. He has really emerged as a well rounded athlete that I hope takes his weight class by storm this year during wrestling season. Sometimes I have to remind him that it is OK to go lighter on the weight, but he is there to compete and when Ingmar slaps on the 45’s he is reaching for them too. I’m not sure what drives these kids to get out of bed at 5am for class in order to make it to school on time but I certainly didn’t have that in high school.


Jessica Drouin: from Marcus (sorry no picture)

Jessica – When Jessica and her husband Tom showed up for their intro they were both seasoned CrossFitters. Jessica clearly could talk the talk. She told me stories about what she had done at her last CrossFit gym. She mentioned things about lifting some big weigths. I’ve had people like that before. Most often they disappoint when I actually see them move. But Jessica was a different story. From her first class I knew she was a good athlete and she wasn’t full of s*#t. Since she began with us she has been a wonderful addition to the mid morning classes. She works hard but always maintains her calm, soft spoken demeanor. It is almost like she doesn’t get out of breath. Anyway, I’m so pleased that she is competing and look forward to seeing her compete in many years to come.


A. Build to a max box jump (careful everyone, no injuries)

B.3 Attempts at Max Broad Jump

C. 8min AMRAP
8 DB Thrusters 40/25
8 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
8 Burpees

Out of Town WOD

Mobility WOD 


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