TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Oct 26th

Brian Schroth: from Andy
A regular at the 5:15 am, Brian has found a way to manage a story familiar to many of you. Airplanes, airport food, kids, sporting events and rest of the list driving our weekly lives. I believe Brian has a healthy attitude toward our program. He wants to be better than he was before. And he wants to be better at the stuff he loves to do outside of the gym. It’s not uncommon for Brian to return from trips where he road motorcycles with a bunch of lunatics in places that he likely wasn’t supposed to be. Ask him if he stronger on the bike than he used to be. Absolutely. He along with his better half Kelly love to travel. Of course, Kelly is in the program and both of them have been with us in Novato since the early days. Ask Brian if he rocks the board shorts poolside better than he used to. Of course he does. In fact, I just paused to imagine Brian in board shorts poolside and believe he probably looks quite yummy. And speaking of yummy, dude has rocked a few Paleo recipes like no other. Brian is a real athlete and loves to charge workouts, especially when prompted by an inspiring coach. Personal friends of ours, the Schroths are a critical partnership among the Novato crew.
Alex Jacamo: from Andy
Dude came to us during his 9th grade year and was attempting RX’d workouts in the first few months. He’s dabbled in MMA and one heck of a tough athlete. I’ve never seen Alexander play football, but hear he is a warrior on the field. He comes from an amazing family. I’m not sure I have ever known a young man who is more caring and polite. In fact, Alexander, if your mom and dad are reading this, please let them know that we all believe they did it right. If I can raise my girls to possess 1/2 of your character, I will quickly claim victory. Can’t wait to see how you progress in our program and beyond. A current and future leader, no doubt.
Marcy Shone: from Leticia
She is a Nicasio resident.

She crushes most of her wods at TJ’s Corte Madera.

From the moment Marcy stone began Onramp you could tell she was in. From day 1, she has come in the gym ready to get coached and kick some ass. Marcy then got right on board with the BW challenge to make changes to her diet.

Not even a year into CrossFit and with a little bit of encouragement, Marcy signed up to participate in TJ Games. She was hesitant at first but really Marcy was ready when she walked in our door!
Carrie Taylor: from Marcus
She may have been my first client ever. If not the first then the one that stuck with me the longest. You can ask Carrie herself about when she started and she will tell you that there were a whole bunch of things in CrossFit that gave her a hard time. Carrie has worked her butt off for the last several years. She has so much to show for it. For example, just last week during one of our sessions together she cleaned 165lbs and managed a full squat when she did it. That my friends is miles from where she began and just shows how consistency will pay off. But Carrie holds a special place in our TJ’s family for much more than her physical accomplishments. She and her amazing husband and kids are all TJ’s people. She takes time to get to know everyone she takes class with and makes every class she is in more of a community feel than when she is absent. And most importantly she has been a great friend to me and has supported me from way back when I didn’t have much experience as a coach. I may have had her do some things in the early days that I would never do to a client again. But she kept smiling and never said no.


Susan Porth:
My friend Susan came to us as a racewalker a few years ago.  With her boys grown and moved out and recently retired as a high level excecutive she was looking for something to balance out her cardio.  She travels like a demon, driving her dogs cross country to the east coast.  I love speaking with her about business because she knows what I don’t.  So damn proud of her for taking on the Games challenge.

Jim O’Sullivan:  from Andy

Jim O’Sullivan. Another San Ramon parent who gently slid into our program via Groupon. He found us through Groupon, but he would have found us anyway. My thoughts on Mr. O:

Future freak, no doubt. He brings a 6’4″ frame, crushing handshake with paws much larger than my head. His background includes full scholy days as a jumper for the Cal Bears. Read the Drake High board and I believe Jim O still holds jumping record or THE high jumping record in the County. Jim is the other half to the Karis/Jim TJ’s Novato combo. Karis was another scholy jumper at Cal and rumor has Cal is already looking at daughters Abby and Maddy, 3rd grader and Kinder students at San Ramon.
No joke, Jim scares me. Not because he could roll me up in a ball and punt me repeatedly at will. Instead, like other future freaks in our program, he arrived in our program with elite athletic ability, experience and scary default strength. But, a few years have past since he wore the short shorts. Any ego could be disastrous. Jim has NONE. A true student of this game and humble to his core. Personal friends of mine, the O’s are here to stay.
Jen Sterne:
Came into the program as a way to keep herself in shape for other stuff.  Being a mom and stuff.  Pretty soon we had both her sons and her daughter doing this stuff.  They changed their lifestyle completely.  I’m very proud of the things she can do.  I think it’s pretty impressive to be able to drop your kid off at college in a year or two and bust out some pullups on your way out the door.  Over the last few years she has given the Belgers such incredible support.  I am very happy for her future no matter what or where it might happen.
Dana Schuman:
Sweetheart of a woman.  Always smiling and gives off a wonderful vibe.  She is terrified of this weekend!  She and her husband Dave joined the OG about six months ago and have been regulars ever since.  She moves beautifully and has a great balance.  She just started a brand new job this week!  Another mom of two who is a professional in her non parenting time.  These women are amazing!
Whitney Wyatt:
All I know about this guy is what I hear from other people.  He never talks about himself.  EVER!  This is the scoop about this guy.  People say he’s an amazing father and husband, incredible athlete and he handles firearms like he’s Wyatt Earp.  Single handed shotgun target practice, clay pigeons, side arms, you name it.  He is lithe and built like steel.  Probably from those years in the Marines.  Rumor has it he’s got some fun stories from back in the day but bugging his wife Gina between heats might get you more info.  All I know is that he has offered to help me out everytime something has come up.  Very good man.


Jake Peterson: 
He’s my boy.  Been coming in here with his wife Bridget for years.  Fought through a bad injury he got at work (Battalion Chief at the Ross Fire Dept.).  Then he started asking about where to get gear for the firehouse.  Now he’s got a group of crazies knocking out Thrusters and Burpees at work.  His work in the gym has been impressive and the Peterson’s get my vote for one of the sweetest couples in our program.


4 Sets
A1. KBS – 15 Reps; rest 60sec
A2. Dips – 10 Reps; rest 60sec

EMOM – 15mins
3 Deadlifts (moderate to tough)
20 Double Unders

Out of Town WOD

Mobility WOD 


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  1. Thank you. These comments from the coaches has been a wonderful treat!!
    Good luck in the games!! Hugs to all. Your biggest far way fan.

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