TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. Oct 25th


A quick but important message from the Games Director:

While we are not charging admission for spectators at the TJ’s Games, we are encouraging (as close to requiring as possible!) spectators to bring donations for Blue Star Moms of Marin, an organization gathering items to send as care packages to our soldiers overseas.

*Playing cards, travel-size games, crossword puzzles.

*Travel-size toiletries (sunscreen, eye drops, Bandaids, antacids, toothpaste, Chapstick)

*Food (Cup o’ Noodles, Power Bars, Clif Bars, Beef Jerky)
Cash or check to Blue Star Moms of Marin to pay for postage for the care packages.  Every dollar adds up!

We are proud to support this great effort and hope that all competitors and their families will bring donations to put in the big white boxes with American flags at the event venue.  In times of our own celebration, it is always important to keep in mind others who are either less fortunate or are giving of themselves on our behalf.
Thank you and Happy Tapering!  ~Allison

Double Under Flaws and Fixes video over at TJ’s Games.

Gedge Knopf:

This freakin’ guy!  Don’t get to see him as much as I used to, because he brought the CrossFit bug to his place of business, Bigge Crane over in Oakland.  He started with a small room, a couple of items, and a buddy.  I think he’s got about ten or twelve people showing up every day at lunch with a pretty good collection of gear at this point.  Marcus and I have both made trips over the bridge to coach a session with these diehards.  One of Gedge’s big accounts is a guy that he would take on an outdoorsman trip every year.  Turns out that this guy became a CrossFit geek in Utah at the same time Gedge did.  Now their trip is to the CrossFit Games every year.  Great dude, and I’m excited to see him this weekend.  I know he makes Paul Hughes nervous.  Possible top-five finish?  We’ll see…

Beqir, my friend. Where do I begin?: from Andy 
If you don’t know this cat’s story, let me wet your whistle with a few points from his CV:
-Albanian Army Special Forces Sergeant 2000-2010
-Completed 16 marathons in three countries
-Green belt in Tae Kwon Do and black belt in Tae Karate Do
-Speaks English, Albanian, Greek, Turkis, Macedonian, Serbo-Croatian and Bulgarian
-Won the NATO medal for service in International Security Assitance Force (ISAF) Kabul, Afghanistan
-He and his wife Sam run a personal fitness business in Novato. Both are Certified Trainers. You can check out their business here
No doubt Beqir has done and seen things most of us can only imagine. I have tons of respect for the years of his life that he has dedicated to others. Each time he walks through the door he smiles and is beyond gracious to our staff and his classmates. Beqir is a true gentleman in every way possible. I am very, very thankful he found TJ’s.
Kristy Redpath:
Co-Owner of Protect Perform, one of the three major TJ’s Games sponsors.  Kristy and her husband, Tim, did their intro with me right after we opened in Mill Valley.  I saw them a few months later, and they promised they would start soon.  I knew that they just had a baby, and I know what that life can be like.  Before I knew it, they were in the gym almost everyday.  Kristy is very athletic and picks up the complicated movements easily.  The family recently moved from Mill Valley to San Anselmo, and the Redpaths are now regulars at the OG and have fit in wonderfully.  We are thrilled to have this couple in the community. They support Big Blue at every event, and they are all-in when it comes to coaching and advice.  The sky’s the limit for Kristy with this stuff.  Scaled this year, but watch out, Rxers in 2013!
Michael Gruen: from Coach Megan
Michael.  I wish you could see my face when this guy bounds into the MV gym on Thursday evenings (typically at 6:10 for the 6pm class).  I love Michael and having him in class is consistently inspirational.  He is among the most dedicated of all of us crazy TJ’s people. He challenges himself both physically and mentally, in and out of the gym, and can jump high enough to easily clear my head.   I will always love the days when I coached Open Gym in MV on Friday afternoons and he’d race in the door, in his work clothes, at 5pm when Open Gym ended at 5:15. “What should I do? A 13 minute AMRAP? Perfect!”   He’d change in 1 minute, warm up in 1 min and off he’d go AMRAPing himself into oblivion because this kid knows how to work HARD.  He is a speedster at heart and has trained hard for these Games. Watch out for this one and be within cheering range.
Shanna Guzman:
Shanna came to us as an employee of Lululemon and bought into our philosophy from jump street.  She had been in the fitness/health industry for a number of years but had recently started exploring other options.  It was immediately apparent that fitness was something she took seriously.  Still, I didn’t realize at first  how much natural talent Shanna possesses.  She now has muscle-ups and many of the other high-end movements.  Her weightlifting is nearly flawless, with some special attention from Coach Calen, ahem.  She is a real joy to have in class, because you can mold her like  clay with a few words of direction.  Shanna will do some damage on Sunday, for sure.

Suzanne Gilly: from Coach Toni

Suzanne Gilly is a favorite of mine, she has lots to say and if you don’t stand still while she has more to say she will grab your arm and pull you back in front of her till she’s done! I first got to know her at our Christmas partie,s and she is a pistol, that’s one side of her, the other is generous beyond words, kind and funny.  I love seeing her so happy.  Paul has also turned her into quite the runner, and she will put any women or man to the test if she’s on the sidewalk running against them. I have no doubt she will give it her all at the Games and will also be one of the greatest cheerleaders to her fellow competitors.
Paul “Farby” Farbstein: from Andy
I’ve always known Farby was an athlete, however it wasn’t until he started drinking a few less beers and getting his gear in order for TJ’s Games that I really knew what rested under the padding. All of sudden he started shedding a few pounds, he was lighter in his gait and I noticed a bit of a strut or rather swagger when he walked through the door. Call it confidence. Call if believing. Call it finally getting your shit together. I liked it. And I like it today. Farby is like many of us who I think needs a little competition and needs that mirror moment to really start processing great things are happening. Yes, I mentioned mirror moment and I bet you’ve had yours. Or you will. It’s a beautiful cycle many of us can relate to. I’ve seen the twinkle in his eye. Giants are playing in the World Series this week. Not too long ago I bet my boy Farby would be a few beers deep as I type this. I’m willing to bet otherwise tonight. He texted me today asking about the final few days of prep prior to competition. I’m very, very proud of his progress and thrilled to see what this dude looks like come Sunday.
Steve Crane: from Marcus
– Over a year ago Steve walked into the gym to discuss how the training at our gym might help him in his sport. Steve is a runner of serious magnitude. He trains to specialize in races that are 100 miles. As an athlete I am amazed at what he can do. He is good at what he does, very good. But what I have come to learn and love about Steve is all the other things he does well and with tremendous focus. Yes he has completely changed his diet and become the exception to the norm that endurance athletes must eat tons of crap and sugar. Nope, he does it the Biggest Winner way. Yes he has improved his strength, coordination, agility, etc. But the way he has done it is what makes Steve special. He is an amazing student of fitness. He is focused and driven to achieve what he wants but loves to include people in the process. When you are in a class with Steve you just feel better because he cares about that person next to him just as much as he cares to improve his own squat. He is a leader in his running community and I imagine people must look up to him for the risks he takes in the name of being a better runner. But bottom line is he has become a great friend and someone I want to see succeed more and more. One year from now I’ll be in the Swiss Alps cheering for him as he conquers the North Face Ultra Trail du Monte Blonc, a crazy test of endurance and will. 100 miles in over some gnarly terrain. Looking forward to a great year.
Terra Chamberlin:
First met Terra right after Mike joined in the parking lot of Town Park as I was arriving and they were leaving.  All three of their kids were crying and screaming and Mike walked right up to me and started chatting.  Terra smiled, said hi, and pushed right past.  I’ve gotten that before.  The “Oh, you’re the douche my husband/wife leaves me for every morning now.”  I was very happy when she came in to do her intro, but I have to be honest, I am still surprised at the athlete that has been unleashed.  In that small window of opportunity when all three kids are somewhere else but home, Terra gets her butt to the gym and pushes herself in every aspect of the sport.  With some natural strength on her side, she has developed a rare athlete’s balance, agility, coordination, and accuracy.  Can’t wait to see what she’s going to do at the Games.  She claims to be very relaxed and low-key about the whole thing, but I sense a fire in there wanting to COMPETE.
Sunya Andrews: from Coach Toni
The first thing I KNOW about Sunya is do not call her Sonya!!!!!! I did, way too often, and she will set you straight! She came to us as a yoga instructor and we thought maybe this thing called Crossfit would be too tough for her….we could not have been more wrong. She is BAD-ASS! She puts it all out there with every workout and looks beautiful doing it. I’m not sure there is anything she can’t do, mother of three with a body of a 20 year old having never had children, a great sense of humor with a serious face, can dance to any beat, run like the wind, and is a an all-around great athlete. I enjoy her in every class, love to watch her form, and we’re lucky to have her at TJ’s.

Tyler Andersen: from Marcus

– Thanks to a former member of ours who guided him to our doors, Tyler came into our lives a few months ago. From Illinois to California, you can almost see the joy of being he in his face every time he walks in the gym. Tyler had some CrossFit experience prior to joining TJ’s so don’t think that he just suddenly in a few short months got as good as he is. That just doesn’t happen. No he has been hard at work learning and practicing CrossFit, I think as far back as when he was active in the military. I’m so pleased to have him as part of the TJ’s family in MV. He is quick to lend a helping hand with everything and he just pours out positivity whenever I see him. Another one of those people that just doesn’t seem to have an “off” day.

Binay Curtis: from Coach Megz

Binay came to us as a seasoned CF’er. It was an understatement to say that she was skeptical. After some hemming and hawing, she is now a full-on, card-carrying MV member who can make just about anyone around her feel comfortable and at ease.  A bunch of weeks ago, Binay came to me and said, “I want to get better. Tell me what to do.”  What I told her was that she had more strength in her than she even realized and she needed to start pushing her limits. What did Binay do?  She started pushing her limits.  She became a regular at Strength class. She ditched the 15lb barbell and started adding big weights.  Binay is one of those people who genuinely wants to get better and is willing to put in the hard work and go to those uncomfortable places.  The best example?  She signed up for the TJ’s Games.  Getting Binay to sign up for the Games was my personal project and as I told her, I will be her personal coach on Game Day.
John Wardenburg: from Coach Gilly
John is one of those guys you just have a good feeling about. I first met him when I did his protos about 6 months ago and that first day I tried to recruit him for competing for us. I still bug him every time I see him, no lie. John is a 6:30am regular and strong as an ox. He played rugby for Cal, I believe on a team that won an NCAA title. A successful father and business man, this guy is the real deal. He’s so legit he’s in China right now at a secret ninja-camp. He gets my DarkHorse vote. 


Snatch/Pistol/HSPU Practice – Coaches lead a pistol and/or hspu practice session

5 Rounds for Time
5 Power Snatch
14 Pistols

Out of Town WOD

5 Rounds for Time
5 Box Jumps
14 Pistols

Mobility WOD 


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