TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Oct 24th


I’m sick as a dog so it’s going to be a short night.

Speaking of being sick, it’s that time of year where the colds and sniffly noses are going around.  This, of course, is brought into our lives by one of the most efficient and tactical units of spreading illness ever designed.  I am speaking about our children.   So when that adorable little gremlin starts getting the runny nose or cough and it looks like school isn’t going to be an option for them tomorrow, there should be one thought running through your head…I need to find a babysitter so I can go to the gym tomorrow.

The little darlings are no more allowed in the gym than I am wielding a flame thrower five hours into the Christmas party.  It’s both inappropriate and illegal.  That goes for non-sick days as well, when school is out.  Don’t put the coaches into a bind because you think setting your kid up in the “corner” with the ipad will be ok.  You’re in trouble and now you’ve gotten a coach in trouble.  Believe me, nobody is more inconvenienced than I am when my kid is sick, but I don’t bring them to the OTB just because I need to get a bet in…..anymore.  Thank you and please carry on.

Alexis Banducci: from Marcus

Alexis can hold claim to being the first member (along with Tracey Kessler) at TJ’s in Mill Valley. Alexis and I went to high school together. In fact she was in my brother class ’01 and I didn’t know her all that well. I just remember he as the girl with the cool last name. Fast forward about 10 years and she walked into my life and now I cannot imagine her not being around. She has been a dedicated 5-6x a week member ever since the beginning. She went through a wild transformation with the first biggest winner challenge. She is the reigning BW champion with the highest point total perhaps ever to be had. She has dedicated herself to this lifestyle and has brought her boyfriend Pablo along for the ride. It is a pleasure to have her in any class, be it OUTfit, Strength, or just regular old CrossFit classes. If you are trying to find her at the Games look for the girl with some purple in her hair and a gigantic smile.

Jeff Miscky: from Marcus

– About 4-6 months ago we added a 3pm class in Mill Valley. It was motivated in part by a group of guys who work weird financial hours and wanted to get their workout on in the early afternoon. (Shout out to Carrie Taylor who has been asking for this class for years now). Anyway, back to Jeff, he has been the most consistent and stable of all the Jones Trading guys that are here. He has a college football background and apparently got the nickname legs because he could squat a house. Still can and I’m blown away every time he slaps over 300lbs on the bar and makes it look light. And apparently he is close college buddies with Blair Morrison (crossfit superstar who the ladies favor apparently). Reality is that Jeff is the soon to be CrossFit superstar and the ladies favorite.

Paul Hughes:
Former professional boxer in Ireland has found his new sport.  He attacks the workouts like an opponent and never gives in.  He treats our community  exactly the opposite way, supporting us in everything we do.  He has volunteered more of his time to help me with different projects than just about anyone.  He’s a riot to have in class, and you can read his witty posts on the d board.  He’s a staple at OG and a top five finisher in the Games last year.  This just might be his year.  I heard him telling Diamond Dan to make sure he was at the Civic Center bright and early on Monday morning so he wouldn’t miss his first heat.  That’s just Paul through and through, looking out for his fellow competitor.
Tony Williams: from Andy
Our girls attend Novato’s San Ramon school an they love it. We love it. And again, for Karen and me, it has a lot to do with the people. Tony Williams is a fellow parent among a school  community of kick-ass souls. His wife Melissa is a runner and a future TJ’s member. You heard it here first tonight. He represents our neighborhood school and the TJ’s community as good as anyone. Quiet, determined, genuine, compassionate, respectful and committed. Dude has made huge gains and is destined to hang with high flyers. He is pushing Rx’d workouts on occasion, yet possesses no ego and isn’t afraid to back it off. I’m a huge Tony W fan.

Russ Sterten: from Coach Calen

When I first met Russell, I immediately saw myself when I started CrossFit – an endurance athlete who wanted more. Fortunately, he is the consummate student – he listens, always asks for help, is super cool, and busts his ass. As a result, it’s been my pleasure to see him get a ton stronger and develop his skills. When I see him crushing it in strength class and really taking the time to dot his Is and cross his Ts on his Snatch, I know the sky’s the limit with this guy. Super proud of ya, Dude.


Build To a Max – Squat Clean and Jerk

Death By Clean and Jerk (135/95) (performd as a power clean and jerk)
Min 1 – 1 Clean and Jerk
Min 2 – 2 Clean and Jerks
Min 3 – 3 Clean and Jerks
Min 4 – …… continue until you cannot complete the given reps in the minute.

Out of Town WOD

Build To a Max – Squat Clean and Jerk

Death By Burpees

Min 1 – 1 Burpee
Min 2 – 2 Burpee’s
Min 3 – 3 Burpee’s
Min 4 – …… continue until you cannot complete the given reps in the minute.

Mobility WOD 


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