TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Oct 23rd


Game-Day Nutrition with Marcus

Cynthia Watson:

Is just a cool chick.  She came in a little overwhelmed by the whole situation, but now that I think about it, that was probably just my reaction to how she was acting.  She is just as calm as a cucumber when it comes to the workouts.  She has completely figured out what works for her and what doesn’t, and she knows how to modify everything to fit her needs.  I can’t wait to see her get out there and give her best.  I truly enjoy her attitude towards the workouts and towards her classmates.

Bridget Peterson:

286 classes.  That’s how many she’s attended with us.  Since very early 2009.  She and her husband, Jake, are like part of my family at this point.  I would call them for anything at any time.  Salt. Of. The. Earth.  Both of them.  Love having them around.  This one here has been through it all and come back every time.  Shoulder problems, calf stuff.  She just bounces back.  She’s also got a kid in college and one in high school.  She’s my parenting mentor.  So happy she will be competing on Sunday.  I’ll be screaming for this one, I tell you.

Amy Blackburn:

Hates getting her picture taken so I had to trick her.  Has been with us a relatively short time but nobody believes me when I say that.  First off because she’s become part of the family in no time flat but mostly because she is a monster of an athlete.  Has checked almost all of the tough movements off of her list and is getting better everyday.  Great addition to the 5am OG crew and throws around heavy weights like a PVC pipe.  She’s all in, all the time.  Watch out, Rx ladies. This newbie is the real deal!

Anne Beirne:

Probably proudest of this one right here.  July 23rd, 2008 this kid walks into our gym for the first time.  Back when the paint wasn’t dry in Corte Madera.  She remembers some pretty sweet stuff about our program and winds a pretty good yard if you let her, so just ask what it was like “in the old days” of TJ’s Gym.  Anne came to improve her golf game, and word around town is she’s unbeatable out there these days.  She’s a gem of a person who has become more of an athlete than she ever thought she had in her.  She gives back in spades when she’s in classes, always upbeat, smiling, and ready to encourage whomever crosses her path.  Anne recently hit her 4-year mark with us, and she wrote me and Allison an incredible and compelling email, reflecting on her time at TJ’s and how she has transformed.  Anne has changed us all, too. We are over the moon that she’s doing this thing, and she’ll be one of three women over sixty shaking down this Sunday.

Sarah Buckley:

This is another athlete I wasn’t sure of–I didn’t know if she was going to dedicate herself to making changes.  What a dummy I am.  Sarah has a turned herself into an athlete I point out to new folks.  “Just do the stuff we tell you do and one day you will look like her, feel like her, and do the stuff that she does.”  Sarah is a teacher and a newlywed.  I want her to stay with us for the next forty years, because her influence around the gym is profound.  She’s not easy on herself at all, she feels the pressure, and she deserves huge cheers from all of us come Sunday. Regardless of the outcome, rest assured Sarah will give it her all and then some.

Leigh Leonard:

Top five sweetest people in the Games.  She comes to the gym with natural humility and the most lovely disposition.  She wants so much out of this program, and I can’t wait to see her succeed.  This is the first step for her to get to larger goals and I want to make sure that we get her there.  She is a regular in CM at all kinds of different times and the coaches speak about her with such pride.  Leigh has no idea how much raw potential she has as an athlete.  Hopefully, Sunday will be the first step in her realizing how far she can take this stuff.   Yeah Leigh!!

Susan Crane:

Another key member.  She joined and immediately started influencing others, while becoming an accomplished athlete, herself.  She has a blog I follow closely, called 100 mile radius.–amazing recipes for the Paleo crowd.  She’s at every single one of our events participating in one way or another with her entire family (more to come on husband Steve this week).  She will cheer as hard as she competes , so make sure you give her your best when she’s out on the competition floor. She’s a natural mover, so it’ll be easy to cheer her on!

Alexis Banducci:

Coming tomorrow!


A. Floor Press (grip 14″ wide) – 10-8-6-10-8-6
rest 2mins

For Time
50 Push Ups
1 mile run
35 Push Ups
800m Run
20 Push Ups
400m Run

Out of Town WOD

For Time
50 Push Ups
1 mile run
35 Push Ups
800m Run
20 Push Ups
400m Run

Mobility WOD 


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