TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Oct 22nd


From the Games Director:

Please be sure you’re checking the discussion board and at least twice daily between now and Sunday for important announcements.  Athlete check-in will be at 7:30am sharp on Sunday. For spectators and athletes who need their coffee, the vendor at the venue WILL be selling coffee starting at 9am and food starting at 11am. There will be some great Paleo-friendly options, including salad and tri-tip.  

Also at, you can check out the Rowing technique video we have up for you competitors from Andy Boone.

Tonight we’ve got a nice mix of athletes from all over the county .

Adam Fong from Friday’s post :-from Marcus;

Adam was the first person ever to purchase weightlifting shoes before he graduated from Foundations. Talk about a guy who was in before he ever started. Had a natural gift for squatting and once we loosen up his shoulders he will certainly be a Crossfit monster. Soaks up all the coaching and puts it to practice immediately. Might be winning the award for newest member to be competing.

Glen Gailich:
What can I say about Glen that he hasn’t already said about himself?  What an egomaniac! He claims to be a rogue secret agent who now works for countries trying to obtain weapons-grade plutonium. He proudly spouts off about how he has written in Ross Perot for the last five elections on his ballot. The one I really have to question is his claim to never have missed a Duran Duran reunion concert. But then again, he wears that 2008 concert T at the gym every damn day. Unwashed. Stay away from this guy.

Chris Gerner:
Chris and his lovely wife ,Sandy, are members at OG. My history goes back to pre-kids with them because of a mutual friend. Chris is an animal. He will be the first to admit that this sometimes gets him in trouble with injuries. He’s got a ton of ability and has learned to rein it in for a longer-term approach. Super sweet guy who will do very well next weekend. Much better than that weirdo Glen.

Hilah Schutt:
This is a good egg. We try to give a good overall explanation of our program to the entire community. The reality is that any good community is built off of sub communities that we’ve worked incredibly hard to cultivate and support.  I dont think anyone has a better pulse for every single one these groups than Hilah. When she came in a few years ago, she couldn’t believe that she had become a woman whose day was spent driving kids around to different activities and that was about it.   She wanted a change.  What she actually did in the process of changing herself was to help change our program for the better.  If you are brand new; have been here for five years; are struggling with your nutrition, your clean, or your confidence, you will most likely hear from her or about her. She is one of the chambers 0f the TJs Gym heart that keeps this thing pumping. She is something special, because she is a self-built athlete who came in with zero skills at CrossFit and is now a flat-out stud. A few times per year you will find me sitting down for coffee with her, and I will just be hammering her with questions and ideas about the future of this program. She’s the good stuff.

Susan Blum
Big history with Susan who trains in CM and Mill Valley. She was a client of mine in the late nineties. Yes, the late nineties, when Dan was in pre-k.  She works as hard as anyone and has found a very good rhythm for long term steady progress. It’s a huge leap for her to put herself out there and compete. She has been crushing the Biggest Winner challenge, and I am so proud of her for that, too. I say this about a lot of people, but nobody will argue with me when I say that she is as kind and approachable as anyone we have.  I can’t wait to cheer for her on Sunday.

Radz and Kelly; from Andy;
Most every time I meet someone and talk about our program, I usually end up talking about our people. To this day, I sleep very well knowing they are what – you are what – defines us. Took my first class at CrossFit Milly Valley just yesterday. Nice to take a class from Marc Filly. Great to see his gym. Even better to see old pals Hilah and Nicki. And then there were the people I have never before met. Wouldn’t you know it, I sensed immediately more world-class souls. And it’s that thought that gets me to Kelly and Radz.
They are better than all of you. Well, not really, but probably. Since the day Radz and Kelly walked into our program, I have often shared with Kboone and others just how highly I think of both of them. They are doing great things within their professions. They are wicked smart and really funny people. They thrive enjoying themselves…..and they are committed to our program. They are committed to this thing we do and man do they they fit. They walk among all of us as another pair of greats. I’m so thrilled they are competing and look forward to watching them grow among us.

Charley Cover; from Marcus; –

One of our first MV members. Two-time biggest winner and has really transformed since he started with us. He has his daughters doing CF kids and it is really a Cover family affair. They live around the corner and it is always the best part of the week when mom, dad, and kids come by the gym after hitting the farmers market in the back parking lot. With his brand new reebok nanos he is looking sharp for the games next weekend.

Tim Watson: from Marcus;

– not everyone is ready to take the plunge when it comes to making transformations with their nutrition. Tim took the slow but steady approach. He has been a great student and has really transformed. His passion for strength training is unique. He is the team captain at Wednesday strength class. He pumps up the class, gives me energy, is the resident DJ, and works so hard to get strong. We should rename the class Tim’s Strength Wednesdays.

Carrie Gratiot: from Cory

Carrie is an experienced athlete (college rugby!) and shows it every time she is in class.  Her range of motion and confidence with the movements she is learning is improving logarithmically, due in no small part to how well she takes coaching.  She was a full-blown member of the gym for a whole 22 minutes (give or take) before signing up for the games, so you know she is not afraid to bring it on game day.  At least that’s what I heard.  It may have been 24 minutes.  You’ll have to ask her about it.
Anjali Singh: combo from me and Jess;
Anjali is a quiet spirit.  You will mainly find her at barbell with Calen, but occasionally in San Rafael at 615.  She owns her own company and is always good company in class!  She is quick and efficient and is the first to ask questions to continue to learn.
She also owns chihuahua’s, and she’s got Coach Anthony doing some work for her around the office; she claims it’s not just for the eye candy.  Not sure if I buy that, but either way she is a very cool chick and I’m super proud of her for competing.
Lisa Bridges: from Cory

Has a fantastic attitude.  Always walks into the gym with a spring in her step, which is pretty hard to do at 6 in the morning.  She decided to sign up for the Games after I pointed out that she didn’t have any reason not to, and I strongly suspect she has a pretty intense competitor hiding inside her.  One of the sweetest, friendliest people I get to coach in Novato.  Knows a lot of “A priest, rabbi, and senator walk in to a bar…” style jokes, so ask her to tell you her favorite one when you see her at the games!



All Levels
A. 2 Front Squats + 1 Split Jerk; rest 90sec; 5sets
* Focus on Position and Technique – 80% effort today

For Time
Front Squat 135/95
Push Jerk 135/95
10 Sit Ups After each round

Out of Town WOD

All Levels
For Time

10 Sit Ups After each round

Mobility WOD


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