TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. Oct 20th

Luke Maher:

Is moving the same weekend as the Games!  That’s commitment, Son.  He was kicking rocks saying that he’s not a good enough athlete right before he Rx’d a muscle up/Power Clean workout a couple of weeks ago.  Needless to say, I talked him into it.  Weird fact, he works at the Craneway Pavilion in  a business next door to the venue we use for NorCal Masters.  5am in Mill Valley is where Luke throws down and now that he’s been with us over a year he is one of the veterans down there.

Michael Chamberlin:

I feel like when Michael joined a couple of years ago he quietly was taking everything in.  Once I had a chance to get to know him I realized that he was mainlining the Kool Aid from day one.  Pretty soon he had talked Terra into joining.  He is a regular at the 6:15am OG classes and has come so far I can’t believe it.  Michael definitely has an athletic background and probably was pretty good at the standard sports we all play growing up.  He was hindered incredibly by his mobility when he first joined, I’m talking overhead squatting with a hollow pole that would make you sick to your stomach if you were watching.  He was and is early to class and stays late dedicated to mobility and he has literally fixed himself.  Father of three who made a huge leap by leaving the safety of working for the man and stepped out on his own.  Very proud to coach this athlete but prouder that I now consider him a friend.

Neil Murphy:

Speaking of friends, Neil and I go back to the dark days.  Play groups, music class, first birthday parties.  You probably remember or you might even still be living in that nightmmmm…..I mean, you might still be enjoying those incredible years.  I can remember being at a birthday party for a two year old and there were farm animals or Miss Kitty or whatever and it was at 10am and there was a dad standing there with the 1000 mile stare, and he was holding a beer.  I immediately knew I had found a friend for life.  Neil and I grew up in the suburbs of NYC and have a ridiculous amount in common.  We both come from large Irish families full of dysfunctional characters who come of age and scatter across the globe to try to get as far away from each other as possible.  Aahh, it makes me misty just thinking about the good old days.  Neil played minor league baseball and has some classic stories.  Another interesting story is that Neil was a member of the gym as we were transitioning from being a regular gym and into CrossFit and he would ride the elliptical every morning looking over his shoulder at us flailing around as we did Murph or Filthy Fifty three times per week.  He finally had enough of Patty talking shit to him and took the plunge almost five years ago.  He’s been a rock for me  in lots of ways he probably doesn’t even realize.  Amazing athlete who has overcome more stuff physically than I could put down here.  Amazing father, husband and friend.

Erin Sher:

Erin and I crossed paths back when our kids were in preschool together at the JCC.  One day she told me she was coming check out the gym and I kind of nodded, smiled and said “Sure.”  I knew her life, little kids climbing all over you, no time for yourself, etc.  I was shocked when she actually showed, and I think she would admit that this program became something for her to do outside of family life.  She has worked her ass off and is now a stud athlete.  She comes across as very polite and sweet and then turns on the jets and becomes a CrossFit animal.  Very clean with her movements and represents the OG as well as anyone.

Chris Russell:

When Chris first joined at the beginning of the year I immediately asked him to register for the CrossFit Open because he was good at this stuff right out of the gate.  He’s recently taken a new job, and it’s got him traveling all over the Golden State, so you will find him at just about every gym at 5am.  He and his wife just had their second child one week ago!  Congratulations to the Russell family, and I’m sure that the first two weeks of having a newborn at home will have little to no effect on his performance next week.

Greg Crane:

“In the membrane” as Coach Cory would say.  Love this guy.  He’s got the sweet homegrown gym, he hits the early classes at OG as well AND hits the gym at work whenever possible.  Where is work you ask?  All the way down at freakin’ Google.  Homeboy commutes his ass off everyday.  Brilliant photographer who put together our TJ’s Games Slam video 2011.  You have to check it out if you haven’t already.  Definitely is the definition of who you want to build a community around.  Passionate not only for the workout but for the people around him, as well.  I predict he will have his double-under curse under control by next week.

Ingmar Bastian:

Rx’s almost all of the workouts, has some of the most beautiful technique you ‘ve ever seen , can be found at 5am most days in Mill Valley and is a High School senior at Tam.  Wait, what?  Oh yes my friends.  I’ve got a predication that this kid is going to make the finals at the Games.  Super nice kid with just an amazing work ethic.  He’s been with us since Mill Valley opened.  He and a couple of other kids in our program have started a Paleo/CrossFit club in school.  How sick is that?

Adam Fong:

I promise I will have something for Adam on Sunday night.  Sorry Adam!

Jim Austin:

Maddog.  Just kidding.  Very sweet man who just seems to have found the next thing he’s doing with his life.  Dude is an awesome athlete on his own before coming to us but really wants to keep pushing himself to find the fittest Jim possible.  Great in class, a Mill Valley regular.  He came to our Master Class and seems to have put some major lifestyle changes into play.  Can’t wait to see him attack everything at the Games.  Talked his wife into coming and I see her in my classes very regularly.  Next year Karen?

Nate Yates:

Awww yeah.  Love me some Nate.  His wife Bridget will be competing as well.  Nate works with developmentally disabled kids and has the temperament of a saint in my opinion.  Goes all out, moves beautifully but never gets rattled.  This dude sat in the baking sun for about 90 minutes after his baseline the first day trying to keep his insides on the inside (unsuccessfully if I recall) and now he’s a monster.  Might not be the fastest or strongest but I don’t think there isn’t anything he can’t do.  He’s also got his brother Isaac, in here as well.  Father of two and I guess Isaac is watching the kids because the Yates are gunning for glory!


5 Rounds
3 Power Cleans 175/125
6 Games PUsh Ups
9 Burpee Box Jumps
36 Double Unders

Out of Town WOD

5 Rounds
3 Strict Pullups weighted
6 Games PUsh Ups
9 Burpee Box Jumps
36 Double Unders

Mobility WOD 


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