TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Oct 19th


Dan Freeman:

Stud 5:15’amr at OG who you recently watched performing his first muscle up on video.  Father of two and teacher at Drake.  He usually races out the door at 6:07 so his wife can go to work.  Stellar individual who is actually sitting on a panel for the Hooked on Marin Speaker Series regarding the history of Marin Mt. Biking with other legends of the sport.  Check out the link here.  Check it out next Wednesday night at Drake High School.

Gina Wyatt:

Another OG’r who is part of the coven of mid morning ladies.  Gina has two kids and works full time so she hits classes whenever she can in the 6am-10am window.  Can sit in the bottom of a perfect squat for like a week.  Has gotten so much stronger in the last year.  She competed in 2011 at the Games after joining just a few months prior.  Very proud of the work she has put in and now is ready to make huge jumps in the next year.

Geoff Mattiuzzo:

Joined back when CM was the size of OG2!  A dad with a job and two little kids.  What can I say?  You want diversity you say?  Geoff has no signs of male pattern baldness.  How is that for diversity.  Such a nice guy and makes me laugh everytime he posts on the Dboard.  He’s becoming quite the Xfit athlete as well.  Has most of the party tricks and works diligently on his strength work.  He will make some noise in the prescribed division this year. He’s another former games competitor so he knows the drill.

Ryan Rugani:

Big Bear of a dude with the nicest disposition.  He wants one thing and one thing only.  To get better.  You tell him something and he jumps all over it.  Lose weight.  Done.  Improve mobility.  Done.  Technique.  Done.  He got what we do here within minutes of starting and has made major life changes.  Looking forward to this guy getting cheered for.  Novato mornings AND evenings is usually where you’ll find him so he’s hard to miss.  Good on you Ryan.

Renee Maync:

Sometimes I like to go with a coach who can sum up the athlete better than myself.  Thanks to Coach Megz for this:

Renee is one of those people who shows up, both in the gym and in life. She’s a hair stylist and mom.  She comes on time, supports everyone around her and takes every coaching tip very seriously, integrating it as quickly as her body will allow.  She is a hard worker, and has a love for this community that she takes the time to express in beautiful and eloquent ways. She is extremely observant. If she sees someone needing a boost, she’s there to give it. She is a true winner and truly embodies the spirit of the TJ’s Games.

Melanie Traub:

Is turning into a stud whether she likes it or not.  I see her about once per week and I’m amazed at the progress she makes every week.  One week it’s linking double unders and the next week it’s pullups.  She attacks workouts and like she’s been her for years and she’s only been here for 7 months!  I really should put up a better picture of her but this is just too good.  I will make a point to announce her regularly and with enthusiasm at the Games which I know she’ll just love.  Another working mom who does what it takes to make it work.  Very proud.

Rae Turner:

This is the face Rae gave when she read that there might be swimming at the Games.  Top five favorite picture I’ve ever taken.  This teacher/mom/wife loves to pooh pooh her accomplishments but she is seriously awesome.  Beautiful technique and pushes herself as hard as she can whenever possible.  Really epitomizes the modern working, suburban athlete.  Can’t wait to cheer on this TJ’s Games veteran.

Jen Lefferts:

My history with Jen is chatting outside of the ballet studio or having her scream at me to do keg stands at Neils birthday party.  Quite different worlds.  After she joined I learned more about her.  Jen. Gets. After. It.  When she finished her baseline I thought she was going to punch me in the face after she was done.  She was revved up!  She doesn’t like to modify stuff which she has to do sometimes because she came in with a shoulder thing, but she does it so intelligently with a longer term focus in mind.  No she’s pain free and letting her fitness flag fly.  She has molded her natural athleticism and become a serious CrossFitter.  Oh yeah, three kids, blah, blah.

Mark Mossing:

Mark is our version of The Dude at OG.  He is chill, outgoing, funny and a very warm guy.  Been with us for a couple of years and has bought into it all.  He spent six months rehabbing from knee surgery and working with Marcus.  He is now better than when he started.  Better range of motion, better stability, better agility, better mobility and a lot of other ility’s.  There is one question I need answered.  Has anyone ever met Ryan Rugani’s dad?  I’m just sayin’.


TJ’s 1.0
On a 30min Continuous Clock

A. Find 3RM hang squat clean (bar must stay in hands entire time)
B. Find 2RM OHS (can be taken from rack)
C. Max Set Push Ups (athlete can rest at the top of push up but cannot break plank position, no piking hips to rest shoulders)

Out of Town WOD

On a 30 min Continuous Clock

A.  Five sets of Max Pushups (Rest as long as needed)

B.  Four sets of Max Hollow Rocks (Rest as long as needed)

C.  Three sets of Max Squats  (Rest as long as needed)

I dare you to do this one.

Mobility WOD 


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