TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. Oct 18th

From the Games Director, Dr. Allison:

Some words about our TJ’s Games 2012 Sponsors:

We would like to remind you that our 3 Big-Hitter Sponsors are Parallel Advisors, Protect Perform, and WellnessFX.  Please visit their websites, give them a call, email them, and explore how their products and services can help you get your act together.  Parallel Advisors can get your finances in order for the long haul, while WellnessFX can help you do the same for your overall health and wellness.  Protect Perform can help you optimize your athletic performance in ways you probably never have imagined.

Our Smaller-but-still-Big Hitter sponsor is Max Muscle of Marin.  We are very grateful that Max Muscle has decided to come on board with us this year, and we encourage you to stop by their shop and explore their vast array of supplements and other products that can help improve your performance and health.  You won’t just be pushed products at Max Muscle Marin; they provide education around what they sell, so you should leave with a better understanding about nutrition and supplementation than you had before stopping in.  Austin from the store sent us this blurb:

“Max Muscle Marin is centrally located on Fourth and D Street in San Rafael, California. Our full staff is nutrition certified and is here to help you establish and accomplish your fitness goals. We provide the highest quality products on the market and all the information you’ll need to get you in the best shape of your life. In addition to our store we host nutrition seminars, corporate wellness events, host demos, events and provide anti-oxidant and nutritional absorption testing both in and outside our store.”

Max Muscle Marin
1401 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA. 94901

Stay tuned for more sponsor announcements via the blog and over at  We truly couldn’t put on an event of this proportion and cost without their help.

Happy Training!

At the OG:  We are starting to sell All Pro Science protein powder at the SR gym for $45/tub.   As of tomorrow morning at around 7am, we will have chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in stock.  APS use grass-fed whey, which means far fewer metals than you will find in standard whey protein powders. Their stuff tastes great, and our entire family has been drinking smoothies with them for years.
We often get requests for convenient protein powder sources, so we decided to become one!

Open Gym at OG this Thursday will be from 10:30-12pm because of staff meeting.

The 9am Novato class will be moved to 7:15am this Saturday because of the CrossFit Strongman Seminar.

Coach Gilly has some advanced athletes throwing down at the Novato Open Access on Saturdays from 7:30 to 9am starting next Saturday the 27th.  If you are a full fee Unlimited Member (no discounts) feel free to get up there with some higher level athletes and get your game on! Full fee means no discounts of any kind, including couples.  Let me know if you have any questions about that.

I have to be honest here.  I completely finished this blog entry with all the athletes bio’s done….and it got lost.  This is my second go around so I will do my best but there will be some bitterness in here.  The good news is that Allison’s quote to me was “You’re obviously doing something wrong” so I’ve got that going for me.

Ed Alvarado:

Husband to Karene (CM/OG early morning regular), father to Jaclyn (in our teen/All Levels classes in CM and our go to babysitter) and great classmate to the early CM/OG crews.  Has been a regular at Barbell Club with Coach Calen and has dialed in his Oly work.  Body weight stuff is coming along and will bring a great competitive spirit to the Games.

Aaron Mount:

Buddy to Zach and Matt Hyman.  He joined at the same time as Matt.  Story I love about Aaron.  About a month after he joined a bunch of us were in Sacramento at the Sactown Throwdown watching a couple of our teams compete.  I can’t make it to many of these events and in the middle of it I turned around and there was Aaron with his son.  He came out to support us and thought it would be cool for his son to see.  How sweet is that?  He is coming back from a recent injury so I’m really proud that he’s competing.

Jim Lesser:

Husband to Tricia, regular hoopster, world traveller (for work unfortunately) and father to two boys.  When he travels for work he hits a lot of CrossFit gyms on the road so ask him his opinions about where he’s been.  Came in very concerned about old chronic injuries and is one of the smartest athletes in our program regarding his own body.  Knows how to modify, how to challenge himself and when to pull back.  Super happy that he is going to be getting after it next Sunday.

Lisa Hines:

Lisa owns Bella Luxe catering, has two great little kids and manages to get her workouts in.  Excuses anyone?  We are seeing a pattern here.  She had a huge accomplishment earlier this year when she ran the Tough Mudder.  Couldn’t be prouder of her.  Oh, and her food is ridunkulous.  If you can to Allison’s book launch or the Christmas Party last year (get ready to save the date) you got to indulge with her masterpieces of paleo cooking.  Truly unbelievable and I am super proud that she took this leap to compete.

Heidi George:

The “Chocolate Puma” has many passions.  Chocolate is one of them.  Not that shit you get from your kids Halloween bag while they’re sleeping but the real good stuff.  She is also passionate about real, sustainable, naturally raised, organic food.  A recently former vegan who has taken a very analytical and personal journey  back into omnivorism.  Finally she writes for a great online magazine called Breaking Muscle.  She is a regular contributer and I read her stuff as soon as it comes out.  She is as passionate for our community as she is for all of her communities.  We’re lucky to have her.

Kris Atkinson:

A few months after joining Kris when down in the middle of a workout like somebody shot him.  I wanted to get Kris’ story straight so I hoodwinked him into emailing it to me:

I think, ultimately, it was a function of the Degenerative Disc Disease and the L5 S1 lumbar fusion that I had to have… The muscles in my lower back are so tight around the fusion that they keep all the muscles, tendons, and ligaments  in a state of high tension.  The injury that put me in the hospital happened during a barbell “pull” (I think we were doing cleans). I think that I yanked, tweaked / tweaked a tendon or ligament deep in my mid back right behind my lung.  In turn, every time I took a breath it felt like a knife going into the back of my lung.  I was never able to isolate a muscle for mobility therapy (ie lacrosse ball) which is why I think it was deeper in a tendon or lig.

 This is just another chapter in a long back history…. I am, however, more fit at 35 yrs old than I have ever been (even playing soccer into college).  8 months ago I was in the worst shape of my life and had to be peer pressured into going to this strange workout called CrossFit at a weird warehouse location.  Someone slipped me the “Koolaid” during those first few weeks because now I love the everything that CrossFit and TJ’s Gym stands for.  Not to mention I’ve gained 10+ lbs of lean mass since I started.

I didn’t even ask him for the plug!  Just the kind of guy he is.  So lucky to have these CPay guys in here.  Shout out to EMartinez who will be competing next year like a BAUCE!

 Mike Levin:

Mikey has been training twice a day for a few months now.  He’s got the rack and lead weights at the house and has been benching, squatting and deadlifting like a mofo.  Big motor and can isn’t afraid.  I get requests on Facebook to vote for his kid as the cutest kid in the world or something like that which is, you know, cool with me.  She is a cute kid.  CM and Novato at the crack of 5am for this guy.  Hardly ever misses a day.  Going to be fun to see who gets the CPay bragging rights on Monday.

Chris Lombardi:

Big money grip Lombardi.  Moves serious weight with intent.  As you can see, he’s got a few of the party tricks down as well.  Great athlete and a super sweetheart of a guy.  Comes to the 5am CM class and the early morning OG stuff 5 days per week, most of the time. It’s funny to have people talk about someone as being intense when you know they are a huge softy.  Don’t let the tats and the grunts throw you.  This guy is a teddy bear.  A teddy bear who is ready to do damage at the Games.


OPEN Gym Skills Session – 20mins

EMOM – 24 Mins
ODD -5 Hang Power Snatch
Even – 6 HSPU (scale accordingly to ensure a challenging modification)

Out of Town WOD

EMOM- 24 minutes

ODD-10 Jumping Lunges

Even-6 HSPU’s

Mobility WOD 


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