TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Oct 17th


Thursday the Open Gym will be from 10:30 to noon, NOT from 12 to 1:15 due to our staff meeting.

Tia M:

I love her so much I put her on twice, it has nothing to do with me not knowing how to delete her picture.  GO TIA!!

Nicole McConneloug:

She’s related to people in our program who I haven’t even met yet.  Great natural athleticism with a goofy sense of humor that I love.  The only thing is that she’s a little bit of a camera hog so watch out, you might get elbowed out of the way if the paps are around.  Mother of some, wife of one and I guaranteed her a good time so don’t disappoint me.

Sherri Bihn:

I could tell you a story that will make you laugh, then cry, then laugh again.  Then you will go home and kiss your kids and hug your spouse and wrap yourself up in that incredible feeling of being “so lucky.”  You listen to me right now.  You cheer for this woman as if she were fucking Justin Beiber, George Clooney, Annie Thorisdotter, Giselle and the Pope all wrapped in one glorious package.  I want to see you acting like you were 15 in 1964 and the Beatles just took the stage on the Ed Sullivan Show (sorry Dan, no time to explain, I’m on a roll).  If I see you standing and watching while she is working just remember, I will have a microphone in my hand.


Not many one namers in the group.  If you missed the outfits of years past, I’m sure you can dig around Facebook and be amazed.  We will all be holding our breath.  He has already challenged himself to “step up his game” for this year.  He’s not referring to his fitness.

Kristin Van Weele:

Boston original who entered the Novato gym in the first month we were open after chatting with Allison by phone.  Whirling dervish of laughter, fun, chatting, energy and actually, athleticism.  I say actually, because she doesn’t think she’s got it, and I am telling the world (everyone in the world reads this thing right?) that she does.  Great technique on the Oly stuff, moves beautifully with alternate items like wall balls, kettlebells and dumbbells.  She’s tougher on herself than almost anyone, but she doesn’t see what we see.  She supports this community as much as anyone else, which is saying something.  She’s off most weekends at some swimming, volleyball, soccer etc event but never misses an opportunity to chime in whenever she can.  Love this one.

Jane McClure:

There are very few who own the title that I would cherish more than any other.  Allison’s boss.  Not so much anymore but the good Dr. worked for an incredible company called Mclure, Mallory Baron and Ross Educational Consultants in San Francisco for a number of years as their psychologist in charge of psychology, learning and attention assessments.  Jane came to us the month before Mill Valley opened and she has been killing workouts over there ever since.  So proud of her.  This grandma has arms that Marcus would die for.  She has improved her overall fitness and technique so much over the last year plus and you will all get to see her work for the podium in the Grandmothers of Marin division.

Alexia Moore:

Better half of Andy Moore.  When the Moores moved down to San Jose I wasn’t sure if they were going to keep up with the CrossFitting.  Man was I wrong.  They joined a gym before they even unpacked the boxes!  Alexia’s strength is in her coordination with the Olympic lifting movements.  She has worked hard at overhead and bodyweight stuff and has improved tremendously.  Two kids at home and a full-time job.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  I’m big fan of hers.

Linda White:

Linda likes to tell me how crazy it is that she is doing the Games and what the heck is she thinking! And how she can’t believe Terra is making her do this.  I just kind of stand there and let her blow off all the tension and then  walk away.  We did have a very nice conversation today about douches and which was the best for getting skunk stink off of Pete and how her husband thinks Masingill is the best for it.  Two kids, full-time job at an investment bank and is in the gym three to four times per week with a huge smile every time.

Susie and Todd See:

Four kids and own and manage their own architecture/engineering firm with a whole slew of employees.  Regulars at the 5am slot at OG.  Have been with us for a couple of years and are the sweetest things ever.  Love their energy and compassion for others in class.  Patty usually has the newbies terrified within a few minutes, and the Sees can bring them back inside after they’ve grabbed their keys and raced out..aaaaaaand Shit, the Yankees just lost.  Where was I?  Right, the Sees rule and you should know that.


17 A1. Strict Pull Up; 3-3-2-1-1
A2. Strict Dip; 3-3-2-1-1

For Time
Shuttle Run
100m (50 out/50 back)
200m (100 out/100 back)
400m (200 out/200 back)
30 Burpee Pull Ups

Out of Town WOD

17 A1. Strict Pull Up; 3-3-2-1-1
A2. Strict Dip; 3-3-2-1-1

For Time
Shuttle Run
100m (50 out/50 back)
200m (100 out/100 back)
400m (200 out/200 back)
30 Burpee Pull Ups

Mobility WOD 


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