TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Oct 16th


Novato peeps.  We will be having a CrossFit Strongman Seminar this Saturday.  We will be having a regular class at 7:15am on Saturday and all Novato clients are allowed to attend any class at our other three locations on Saturday or Sunday if you can’t make the 7:15am time.  You will not be charged for a class if you need to travel.

And here’s the next cast of characters:

Took a pic of Yago coaching the other day as a reminder to everyone that your amazing coaches will be joaching you all day at the Games.  They will be helping you every step of they way because they are the best in the business.

Dr. Doug aka; The Thumb:

Our friend, supporter and hero.  Dr. Doug has put more parts back together then Timex.  He’s another OG who has been with us since pre-day-one of CrossFit.  He’s had his own ups and downs physically and is probably at the top of his game right now.  If I see him working on you during the Games you are on my shit list.  He is a COMPETITOR for one freaking day.  Leave him alone.  As a matter of fact, get your ass over there and rub your elbow into his sweaty ass psoas for a change.

Bridget Yates:

Hungry for competition this last year, BYates has been all over.  Throwdowns with SFCF, Moxie, Sactown Throwdown and anything else she could get her hands on.  A naturally strong athlete she has worked very hard on her body weight stuff.  She hits all kinds of different classes which is pretty sweet and the whole idea of why we have the multiple joints.  She’s one half of the many couples we have competing in a couple of weeks.  You’ll meet Nate in a few nights.

Khalid Khan:

Is a morning regular in Mill Valley and has been since January.  Incredibly hard worker but very conscientious about his form and technique.  Great guy to have in a group.  Sense of humor and listens real well.  I am rooting for him big time and I hope his fellow classmates who chickened out will come to cheer him on as well.

Liz Brown:

This is a great one.  She’s got four kids doing four different things the day of the Games and she’s heaping it all onto her partner because as she said “How could I not do this?”  She is a Biggest Winner and shows up at all the stuff we do.  She has bought into the community and is reaping benefits on a daily basis.  I get to coach her regularly, and I can’t wait for her to shine two Sundays from now.

Samantha Lief:

The better half of the Samantha/Beqir team who own Double Eagle Fitness.  She has worked her tail off perfecting form and technique this year and then worked twice as hard to get the foundation of strength behind it.  Great listener who tries to apply everything you tell her immediately.  She will be getting huge cheers from her Novato classmates because she supports everyone within shouting distance herself.

Asunta Kennedy:

One of my personal gems.  I’ve had her in class dozens of times since she joined well over a year ago.  She was a career runner who had that broken-down-overhead squat like you read about.  Just the other day I used her as an example of perfection.  One of my proudest moments as a coach.  She deserves extra cheer just because I said so.  Her Novato A.M. classmates will agree that she’s a good egg.

Alicia Bannister:

As far as overall strongest athlete in the female division Alicia might be it.  Pulls, pushes, and squats serious weight.  Has worked incredibly hard on her Olympics lifts and has some really strong natural bodyweight athleticism.  She has recovered very well from some fairly serious injuries and probably takes care of her body better than anyone before and after class.  She’s also an absolute sweetheart and wife of coach Jason.  Two of my favorite people.

Tia Mallette:

She’s been in the program for just over two years now and I couldn’t be prouder of her progress.  She has been a Barbell Club regular and if you see any Oly movements in the Games keep your eyes on her because Coach Calen has pretty much turned her into perfection with a barbell.  Huge smile and laughing all the time.  Love this kid and so proud of her for doing this.


A1. Power Clean – 3 Reps; rest 10sec
A2. Tall Box Jump – 5 Reps; rest 90sec

5 Sets for Meters/Cals
Row/Airdyne Sprint 40sec – Max Effort
rest 3:20 between sets

Out of Town WOD

Run a repeatable 5k for time

Mobilty WOD 


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