TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Oct 15th

Novato’s 6:30am on Thursday with Calen is now a regular All Levels class.

Ok let’s light this candle.

Victoria Argumedo:

Seems to struggle with start times for classes but when she finally gets there she’s all in.  Has just achieved her first pullups after following the Gravitron program.  Full time mom with a full time job as well.  Great attitude and very supportive of those around her.  She’s a Mill Valley homer but you’ll find her in CM and SR just as much

Eric Soifer:

Is a former sprinter with dreams of getting back to the Macabee Games.  He hits the morning and evening SR classes.  Works as hard as anyone  in the gym and gives off a very happy vibe.

Gia Kramer:

Gia is gunning to qualify for the CrossFit Games this year in the 50-54 category and has the numbers to show she can do it.  Has actually (gasp!) put on weight and gotten better at our sport of CrossFit.  Who would have guessed!?  Very proud of her as she is my pet project.  Gymnastic monster and is sweet to everyone around her.  Hits the Novato mid mornings when she is grabbing Open Gym time whenever possible

Will Hoffman:

Very nice guy who has been with us for around six months in Mill Valley.  Documentary film maker who you will one day hear say at the Oscars “Thank you to TJ’s Gym, without you this dream would never have come true.”  Ok, maybe not the content but quite possibly you might hear him say something at the Oscars.  Very concerned with his form and technique which of course we love to death.

Zach Knight:

If you are concerned about the younger generation you can take a breather when you read Zach’s Facebook posts about his Biggest Winner experience.  He is a high schooler and is documenting his nutrition, workouts, stress and sleep on a daily basis.  He is also a great athlete who trains in Mill Valley.  He was an intern for us over the summer so we pretty much made him do the Games.  Kidding

Kathy Jung:

Mom of two who teaches phys ed over at Patty’s school in Marinwood.  She is a runner with a wide variety of sports in her background.  She played on our Novato basketball team last year and I believe was the only woman to do so.  Athletically she’s top of the heap and is gaining ground while learning this CrossFit thing.  Another lovely person to have around.  SR regular who hits Novato every once in awhile

Rochelle Simurdiak:

Who doesn’t say incredibly nice things about Rochelle?  Noooooobody!  She was pretty much shaking in her boots when she first joined us almost 2 years ago.  I would classify her as a near total transformation.  Her physique, athleticism, attitude, lifestyle and confidence are a complete 180 degrees.  This very nervous, very timid woman during her intro just recently jumped out of a freaking airplane.  One of the coaches favorites.

Dave Jones:

I walked out of Starbucks one day and heard a CHP officer say “God, my legs are killing me from the squats I did this weekend.”  I immediately did a 180 and introduced myself.  He had done his into with Andy up in Novato a couple of days before and he had a huge grin on his face.  Hasn’t looked back since.  Very excited to have him competing.  Super great guy.

Rick Wedge:

Rick is half the man he used to be.  He falls under the total transformation heading as well.  Lost dozens of pounds, has changed the way he lives his life and tells anyone who will listen about what he’s doing and where he’s doing it.  Is a Novato regular and has recently gotten both his daughter and his wife to join.  He has refined his ability to converse, laugh and listen to anyone on the golf course and has brought those skills to our community which is a blessing.  Love this guy.

Anthony Lowenstein:

ALow.  Man, Myth, Legend.  Some have said he has done workouts in his underwear.  Some say he has stopped in the middle of workouts to dance.  Some say he has walked through the gym with no shirt on , for no reason, twice.  Some say he used to drink a pot of coffee, three or four diets cokes and a few Five Hour Energy things a day, everyday and then quit cold turkey.  Best thing to do is walk up and ask him.  Is it true?  Then hold on for the ride.


All Levels
A. Build to a tough Triple in the Thruster from Racks

Thruster (135)
Muscle Up (Sub 2 Chest 2 Bar pull ups + 2 Tough Dips)

Out of Town WOD

All Levels
A. Build to a tough Triple in the Thruster from Racks

Burpee Box Jump and full squat on top of box
2 Chest 2 Bar pull ups + 2 Tough Dips

Mobility WOD 


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  1. I am very impressed by the personal touch you are giving to this blog. I am more impressed by these people. Keep this up!! and of course good luck!!

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