TJ’s Gym WOD for Friday, Oct. 12th

Around the Belger household we settle into quite a rhythm in late September and October.  It’s all TJ’s Games, all the time!!  T shirts need to be sampled and then ordered, sizes need to be matched, the venue needs to be secured, insurance needs to be finalized for the event, vendors and sponsors need to be organized and locked down, logos and websites need to be finalized, staff for the day have to be prepped and given necessary info, heats need to be organized, equipment needs to be broken down, moved and setup and finally the workouts need to be created keeping every single athlete in mind.  Allison takes care of all of the above and a hell of a lot more.  For those of you who haven’t met Allison she also pilots the ship behind the scenes.  Payroll, insurance, leases, employee and partnership agreements, apparel, the kids and teens programs, and much more are all run run and managed by her.

In the middle of this organized chaos  a special day pops up and doesn’t seem to get the recognition it deserves like it does in most households.  The good Dr’s birthday is this Saturday.  Every year, about a week before , I sit bolt right up in bed in a sweat, panicked about having nothing planned.  I look over at Allison and she’s usually tossing and turning muttering things like “ngngngn Alternative Apparel runs smaller than Next Level brrrgsshh” or “ogogogggg scaled athletes need to report to Joe Ball by 7:45  zzzzknknzzz.”  Good stuff.

My typical, last minute gifts of  4:45pm reservations at Denny’s, flowers from the impulse buy section at Safeway and a massage at 9:30pm on a Tuesday night at someplace called Manny’s Massage Mania, where they ask you to leave your shoes on “for your protection”, is just not enough for this lady.  She deserves more dammit!  So do me a solid and wish her a Happy Birthday when you see her because it will probably be the best gift she gets again this year.   And somebody remind me that her birthday will probably happen again around this time next year.

If that doesn’t make you offer any sympathy for the poor girl, watch the video below.  If you are still not fazed report to your nearest police station because you are a sociopath.

The athlete list is complete!!


All levels
A. OHS – 5-5-3-3-1-1

10mins @ 90%
10 Thruster (95/65)
10 T2B
10 Burpees
30 Double Unders

Out of Town WOD

10mins @ 90%
10 Box Jumps
10 T2B
10 Burpees with two pushups at the bottom
30 Double Unders

Mobility WOD 


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One Response to TJ’s Gym WOD for Friday, Oct. 12th

  1. maryellen says:

    Behind every man etc…a GREAT PARTNER!!!! Congrats for reognizing that. Happy Birhday Allison!!! love, maryellen

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