WOD for Monday, Oct. 8th

What we have tonight is a very special announcement.  yes the blessed event has finally happened….. Mike Hutchinson has signed up for the games.

Gotcha!!  While that is true, our dear Oliva, Mike’s wife, has given birth to a baby boy, Magnus.  All are well and Mike will be back to tweaking his plan on blowing everyone’s doors off at the Games in a couple of weeks.  This kid has his work cut out for him.  Mike might be the one of the most natural movers ever to walk in.  As far as Olivia goes, well, the picture posted tonight is of her Split Jerking on Friday.  She gave birth on Saturday.  Need I say more?  Congratulations to all of the Hutchinson’s from the TJ’s family.

Lots of announcements tonight!

TJ’s Games registration IS still open. However, the site needs to be updated to reflect the extension, and apparently that can’t happen until business hours on Monday. If you are late signing up and want to, please check throughout the day on Monday and you should be able to get in.  We will keep it open until midnight on Tuesday, October 9th.  There will be Scaled 1 and 2 options if you sign up for Scaled division.  You will be able to declare which of those scaled options you would like after the workouts have been announced.

Ladies of TJ’s Discussion Group is tomorrow (Monday night) 7:20-8:30pm at the San Rafael gym, pending sign-ups. Please email allison@tsjgym.com to let her know if you plan to come.  The topic will be managing expectations/anxiety related to the TJ’s Games and other out-of-comfort-zone endeavors.  All women members are welcome, and the meeting is free of charge.

We will soon be opening our annex in San Rafael, which we plan to call OG2. It is the studio next door to the main gym, where Stapleton dance school was housed until recently.  We will offer Yoga/Mobility classes with Coach Amina (awesome stuff!), as well as The Metabolic (a return to our original CrossFit metcon classes for those less interested in serious strength training), and additional Foundations classes that will allow all members to brush up on their basics, fix form and technique flaws, and avoid and recovery from injuries.  Foundations classes in OG2 will NOT be for brand new people coming into TJ’s.  We have brought back Protocols that a majority of you used to enter the program.  They will be for all members looking to perfect their movement while still getting the same great workouts.  Please spread the word to your non-TJ’s friends about the Yoga, Foundation and Metabolic options.  We are open to suggestions for other classes in this new space.


A. Squat Clean – 3, 3, 2, 2, 2

For Time

800m Run or 1K Row
15 Squat Cleans (135/95)
400m Run or 500m Row
15 Squat Cleans (135/95)

Out of Town WOD

For Time
30 Burpees

30 Situps

30 Pushups
Run 1 Mile



Mobility WOD



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