WOD for Thursday, Sept. 27th

I have to go back and check the records but we may have only two athletes who have competed in every one of the Games. Hamilton Kipp is one of those two. He survived the DB walking Lunges in the heat in 2009. He lived through the downpour during the “Hell-in” event of 2010 and he made it through the “Room of Rowing Horrors”  event last year. What will he be bragging about to his grandchildren when he tells the story of 2012?

Will you be able to brag about the same thing?  Register now.

Tonight we begin to announce our TJ’s Games Big-Hitter Sponsors.  Without these supporters (and others you’ll learn about over the coming weeks), it would not be possible for us to hold this event at the Civic Center.  We are truly grateful for their support, and we hope that you will educate yourselves about the services and products each of these businesses provides.

Parallel Advisors  

Founding Partners, CJ Rendic and Jake Schutt, have been part of the TJ’s family for years.  You may also know their wives, Lisa Rendic and Hilah Schutt.  Rockstars, all.  We are extremely grateful that even after last year’s t-shirt fiasco, these guys are back for more and are supporting us so generously.  For those of you who might benefit from a little help with your financial planning and long-term investment approach, these are the smartest guys around, and we hope you’ll reach out to them. From their website:
Parallel Advisors LLC is a San Francisco based, SEC registered, independent wealth management firm. We specialize in managing investment portfolios for individuals, families and trusts and creating customized plans to help our clients accomplish their financial goals.


You’ve heard from us about WellnessFX and their extensive biological health assessment services. If you haven’t signed up to get your baseline testing done yet, you are cheating yourself out of some seriously important information that could literally change your life.  They have discounted offers for TJ’s Gym members, so get your testing done now!

Protect Perform 

Kristy and Tim Redpath down at TJ’s Mill Valley, have a company that produces  mouthguards designed to optimize your performance and recovery.  There’s a whole lot of science to it that I won’t even try to explain, but rest assured these things are supposed to be awesome. Serious athletes and competitors are on board.  Perhaps you should be, too!  Thanks to the Redpaths and Protect Perform for their generous support and sponsorship of the TJ’s Games!


A. Split Jerk – 3-3-2-2-1-1
rest 90sec between sets; not a 1RM day, just work up to a heavy single

For Time:
400m Run
20 Split Jerks (alternate feet) 95/65
30 Pull Ups
20 Split Jerks (alternate feet) 95/65
400m Run

Out of Town WOD

400m Run
20 Burpees
30 Walking Lunges
40 Mt Climbers (2 is 1)
400m Run

Mobility WOD



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