WOD for Wednesday, Sept. 12th

TJ’s Novato team rocked the Summer Slam in Solano by taking second place amongst some tough competition.  Congratulations to Gilly, Andy, Taylor and Jason for spreading the Big Blue pride to even greater heights.

I had two athletes with separate physical issues both related to kettlebell swings yesterday.  One has neck issues and the other low back issues at the bottom of the swing.  I showed them a “modification.”  I showed them how to perform a competition style swing that you typically see very high end athletes performing.  This type of movement allows those high end athletes to cycle the swings faster which is obviously very important to them.  My thinking for showing them this movement was that it doesn’t have them lean forward so much putting stress on their individual issues.  They both felt uncomfortable with the new movement but admitted that it did relieve their neck and low back.  The reason that I am bringing this up is that the next time they attempt this style of swing their coach, most likely not me, for that class will mention that they aren’t doing their swing correctly.  This is exactly the coaches job.  In this era of CrossFit becoming a sport and the accessibility and ease of watching competitions on ESPN and the internet, regular folks see a ton of “competition” style movements.   Kipping, butterfly, splits, hybrids etc. all have a place but not before basic techniques have been proven to be sound.  At the same time there is a place for a modification that can help someone in class because the basic technique is troublesome.  Here are the facts which some “experts” will argue with as blasphemy:  Some of our folks will never run.  They will never deadlift.  They will never jump on a box.  Time, age, injury or fear will prevent this from happening and there is nothing wrong with that once you have exhausted every possibility.  If you find yourself being told by a coach that your modification is incorrect, but it’s working for you, let them know it works for you and after the workout seek the coach out to explain why.  Our coaches are the best out there.  If you don’t believe me, try out a class at another gym.  Their goal is you.  Your safety, your workout, your goals.  None of them will have a problem if you communicate with them.


4 Sets
A1. 5 Hang Power Snatch; Tough; no rest
A2. 5 Tall Box Jumps; step down; rest 2 mins

B. 3 Push Jerk (from floor); rest 90sec; 3 sets

C. For Time
20 DB Snatch R
20 DB Snatch L
10 Burpees
10 DB Snatch R
10 DB Snatch L
20 Burpees

Out of town WOD

For Time
20 One legged broad jumps R
20 One legged broad jumps L
10 Burpees
10 One legged broad jumps R
10 One legged broad jumps L
20 Burpees

Mobility WOD


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