WOD for Thursday, Sept. 6th

After a few weeks Ryan has taken his coaches instruction, lost over 20lbs and just upgraded to an unlimited membership.  Nice work.


For the second year running, we are participating in the Steve’s Club Beat the Streets Fundraiser workout.  We will hold the workout at all four gyms during regular class times on Saturday, September 22nd.  Proceeds from the event 
go to start new Local Steve’s Clubs nation-wide.  Steve’s Club partners with CrossFit Affiliates to help them start CrossFit programs and community life for at-risk youth in their communities.Here’s the workout:


  • 40 KB Swings (1.5pd, 54#/1 pd, 36#)
  • 30 Burpees
  • 20 Pullups (Competitive: Chest to Bar Pullups, Social: Jumping pullups)
  • 10 Squats (Competitive: Front Squats 135#/95#, Social: Air Squats)

One person working at a time.  Score is total number of reps in 10 min.

The suggested minimum donation is $25/person, but we encourage you to consider giving as much as you can. Steve’s Club is a great organization founded by a solid, generous, and inspired guy named Steve.  You can read all about him and the story of Steve’s Club in Allison’s book, The Power of Community: CrossFit and the Force of Human Connection.  I realize many of you recently participated in the 31Heroes workout and may feel like there’s always a cause in need of funds.  That is true.  We like to support as many of these efforts as we can, and we hope you will see the value in doing so, yourself.Donating is quick and easy.  Go to our donation page here:  http://www.razoo.com/story/Tj-S-Gym-Beat-The-Streets-2012
and click on “donate” on the green box on the right side of the page, and you can create an account and make your donation.Thanks for your help, and get ready for a fun workout on the 22nd!


A. Full Snatch Technique Session; work High Hang, Low Hang (knees), and Below Knee Hang
B. 1 Hang Snatch + 3 OHS; 5 Sets; rest 90sec
C1. Snatch Grip Deadlift; 3 reps; 3211; 3 sets
C2. HSPU; 5 reps; 3 sets

For Reps
7mins AMRAP
150 Double Under Buy In (Sub 150 1 Leg Singles)
– then –
7 Box Jumps
7 Russian Swings

Out of Town WOD

For Reps
7mins AMRAP
150 Double Under Buy In (Sub 150 1 Leg Singles)
– then –
7 Box Jumps
7 Sprawls

Mobility WOD


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