WOD for Tuesday, Aug. 28th


Dr. Justin Mager is coming to San Rafael next Wed, Sept 5th at 7:15pm.     This will be great for your final push for your TJ’s Games training.  He will be discussing how to optimize your nutrition for performance gains.  Will be amazing.  7:15pm

Dr. Justin Mager is a board certified Internist, Exercise physiologist, and Health Strategist who specializes in longevity and preventative medicine, including menopause and andropause. His approach to health and healing emphasizes bio-identical hormonal therapies, nutritional and lifestyle therapies, and integrative approaches to aging and chronic disease.

Coach Calen will be performing Biggest Winner Caliper Measurements in Novato at 10:30am on Thursday and 10:30 am on Friday this week so make sure you are at the gyms at those times.  You can contact him at calen.hall@gmail.com.  Here are the times Marcus is offering:

7:45-9:15am Friday 8/31
1-3p Sat 9/1
9-11a Sun 9/2
6-7pm Tues 9/4  Contact Marcus@tjsgym.com to get scheduled.



A. Take 10 Mins to build up to a tough Front Squat single

B. 5 Sets
3 Front Squats (Tough)
10 Burpees AFAP
Row/AD Sprint 20sec
rest walk 3mins

Out of Town WOD

5 Sets
10 Squats holding something heavy
10 Burpees AFAP
Sprint 20sec
rest walk 3mins

Mobility WOD

Rebuilding the feet, Part 2


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