WOD for Tuesday, Aug. 21st

Kevin overcame Early Arm Bend Disease and has lived to talked about it.

Early Arm Bend Disease or EABD was discovered the first time a human being tried to lift something heavy from their hips to their shoulders.  Usually found in men (because they don’t listen) the pain is found in the outside of the elbow or top of the forearm.

You could imagine this area breaking if you were arm wrestling the great Lincoln Hawk.

Sylvester Stallone is an American Treasure.


Where was I?  Oh, right. This can also be called tennis elbow but anyone who is within a 10 block vicinity of a CrossFit gym would probably have a hard time admitting that they are suffering from tennis elbow.  That’s your problem not mine.  Worst pain I ever experience was on a tennis court which involved a ball shooting machine, Mescal and my tenders.

Anyways, in the gyms we call it Early Arm Bend Disease and we see it a lot (like right now) when we enter an Oly phase.

When you pull the bar with your arms, during a Clean or Snatch, instead of using your hips to create power your elbows bend early.  This causes the overuse of weaker muscles in your arms as you curl the bar to your shoulders and inflammation is close behind.

The second cousin of EABD are Delta Bravo Shoulders.  When that shoulder leaves its socket and rolls forward you get massive strain on the nerves that run from the spine and down your arm.


Either way you show up and complain of pain in that elbow area and there is pretty much only one way to completely clear it up and here are the steps.

1.  Quit pulling anything from the hips for 4-6 weeks.  If we are doing Thrusters or Push Presses or anything that needs to get from the floor to your shoulders,  you are taking them from a rack.  No Cleans or Snatches for you.  We need to stop irritating that musculature.

2.  Start hitting Mobilitywod.com and figure out how to take care of that area.

3.  Most likely you will  have to stop your Toes to Bar, Pullups and maybe even KB swings because that area gets a ton of use during those movements.

4.  Ask your coaches!  They can help modify and make sure that you are still making improvements.

5.  TECHNIQUE!!  Yours sucks but the good news is that it can be fixed.  Once again, ask your coaches.  This is what they are paid to help you with.

Hopefully our good friend Nick Bartle will let me know when he finds out the name of the thingy he used to cure his acute case of EABD with a sprinkle of DB shoulders .



A1. Build up to a tough 5 rep Deadlift in only 5 sets from the empty bar
A2. 4-6 Dips; perfrom a set of dips in between attempts on the deadlift

Deadlift @ 50-60% of A1
Burpee over barbell lateral

Out of Town WOD

Burpee Broad Jumps

Mobility WOD

Episode 105/365: Dead Lift Prep I


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