WOD for Friday, Aug. 17th

In the intro I mention that when I first started CrossFitting I blew my back out so bad that I was in bed for a week.  That is absolutely true.  A worried Allison would ask me everyday if I should go to the hospital and I would mumble” no” and lie there feeling sorry for myself.  By the third day she stopped asking because she was getting no where with the lump of feeling sorry for myself under the covers.  Obviously I recovered and went back to lifting heavy loads and moving them long distances.  The next bad back episode I had was a couple of years later after I decided to swim for fifteen minutes straight during Adult Swim at the local pool.  No warmup, no stretch, hadn’t swam in ten years and I just went after it.  Getting out of my car the next morning I thought someone stabbed me with a screw driver right in the kidney.  I spent a week hobbled over slowly teaching classes but didn’t even thing about working out.  I was proud of myself for not missing any work.  This last episode was again involving water (did you see how the Irish did in any of the events involving water at the Olympics.  Exactly).  I decided to tread water for 20 minutes straight while the girls practiced their dives off the side of the pool.  The next day I did heavy squats, heavier clean pulls and really heavy squat cleans.  By the time I got home from the gym I was as walking as crooked as Paul and Gedge  were at the CrossFit Games.  I had a hard time taking a breath and couldn’t sleep.  Then I went to class.  I modified the hell out of everything and sure it hurt.  Worse than yesterday?  No.  Better than yesterday?  No.  Just about the same.  I benched instead of squatting and pulled a tire instead of Wall Balls but I was in the gym.  Not in bed, not on the couch, not watching other people work out and feeling sorry for myself.  I got better that day.  Slowly but surely it has gotten better this week and I missed exactly zero days of working out.  Has six years of CrossFit made me stronger?  Absolutely, but not just my body.

Here’s what you need to know:

This Sunday is the second of Coach Calen’s amazing Oly seminars.  Come in and get your flaw fixed.  Mill Valley this Sunday and/or next Sunday from 12-2pm.  $40

Next Wednesday night in Mill Valley for all of the gyms is the next Biggest Winner info meeting and it will be the only one.  7pm and you will get all the info you need from Marcus regarding what it’s all about and how to get involved with making basic changes in your life for optimal health and performance.  There will also be someone from WellnessFX there to give you the breakdown of the service they are providing for this challenge regarding bloodwork and other markers.

Kids classes are starting this upcoming Monday.  Please email allison@tjsgym.com to PRE REGISTER your kids.  Our kids and TEAM schedules are up to date on the schedules page.


MAP Training
14min @ 85%
400m Run, 12 Thrusters (95/65), 12 T2B
rest 6mins

14min @ 85%
500m Row/.5 Mile Airdyne, 3 Wall Walks, 6 Hang Squat Cleans (115/75)

Out of Town WOD

14 min of:

400m Run, 12 Walking Lunges, 12 Toes to Bar

Rest 6 min

14 min of:

50 Double Unders or 100 Singles, 15 Situps, 3 Wall Walks

Mobility WOD

Episode 92/365: Mile High Club Hips

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