WOD for Wednesday, Aug. 15th


Here is a nice little story about my business partner who also birthed my babies.

TJ’s Gym Co-Founder is a Renaissance Woman with a Knack for Pull ups.

Oh, and if you are so inclined you can shoot over here and vote us as Best Gym/Health Club (sorry, sauna’s out of order) in Mill Valley.

Biggest Winner Alert:

The Biggest Winner Part 2 is set to kick off on September 3rd for members of all locations.  We will have a nutrition talk and info meeting on August 22nd at 7pm at the Mill Valley Gym . Then measurement days are on Sept 1 and Sept 2 in Mill Valley as well. There will be an opportunity if you want to have basic diagnostic blood work done by WellnessFX before and after the challenge to monitor your health changes. The traditional measures like body composition and workouts will be done as well. Spread the word to the newer members about how important this is to their progress and health.


A. 4 Sets
5 Press (hard from Racks)
150 Row Sprint;
rest 2mins between sets

B. 4 Sets
5 Push Press
30sec Airdyne
rest 2mins between sets

Out of Town WOD

Run for 60 seconds at 80% then do 40 Mt. Climbers, 2 is 1

Rest 2 min

Run for 45 seconds at 90% then do 20 Burpees

Rest 2 min

Sprint for 30 seconds at 100% then do 10 Handstand Pushups

Mobility WOD

Carl Paoli, the hook grip, and better shoulder org

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