WOD for Monday, Aug. 13th

Katie is yet another stud teen who came to us this summer to work on strength and conditioning. She lives in Tahoe during the year to ski competitively. She’s fallen in love with CrossFit and plans on working it into her year- long training program.

So guess what happened? After a workout today that involved lifting heavy shit my back seized up. I’m having a very difficult time finding any sort of comfortable position to sit, lie down, or stand in. It’s gotten progressively worse as the day has gone on. I’ve resorted to taking three Advil and trying to lay low. Do you know what I did wrong to cause this to happen? Nothing. I warmed up well. I did a bunch of mobility before, during, and after my workout. I concentrated on my form and technique. I did all the right things and you know what? Shit happens sometimes. Maybe it’s because I drove to the city yesterday to watch a Disney song and dance show with the family for a couple of hours. Maybe it’s because the wallballs on Friday felt as if I’d never done them before. You know what I’m going to do tonight? Nothing. Just wait it out and see how it feels in the morning. Luckily I have a Dr. Doug appointment in the morning. He will grind on it and make me cry, and then I will go to the noon class just like I planned on no matter how it feels. I will do something to modify if necessary. My metabolism could care less that my back or shoulder or knee hurts. Do you know what’s probably going to happen for a majority of my workouts for the rest of my life? Something isn’t going to be perfect. At this stage of the game the question is going to be “how I will be modifying today?”

A. OHS – 2, 2, 2
B. FS – 3, 3, 3
C. BS – 4, 4, 4
*try to increase weight on every set; rest 90-120sec between sets

D. 1 Set – Max Reps Unbroken Wall Balls (must be a continuous set)
*As soon as the athlete stops their set they must perform one of the following for time. Row 1K/Run 800m/Airdyne 1mile

Out of Town WOD
Max Reps Unbroken Jumping squats or air squats (must be a continuous set)
*As soon as the athlete stops their set they must perform a 1 mile run.

Mobility WOD

Rebuilding the feet, part 1


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One Response to WOD for Monday, Aug. 13th

  1. jillrieser says:

    I am relating to your blogs. What is Dr Doug’s number. Need him! Jill

    Sent from my iPhone

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