WOD for Saturday, Aug. 11th

Jen Larson is a referral machine even though she’s fairly new.  Always has in a great mood.

Coaches Boyd and Bannister will be taking on the Occupy Strength event tomorrow at CrossFit One World.  Keep an eye on the dboard for updates throughout the day and wish them luck!

There will be no Open Access in Novato tomorrow at 7am.


Training for Middle Age and Beyond by Dan John


MAP Intervals – 10mins x 3 (rest 5mins)

10min – 10 pullups, 7 Push Press (115/75), 200m row

10min – 10 pushups, 10 DB Ground to Shoulder(45#/30#), 15 cals Airdyne

10min – 10 sit ups, 10 Wall Ball (20/14), 200m run

Out of Town WOD

10min – 10 pullups, 7 Burpees, 200m run x 3 sets: rest 3 min.

10min – 10 pushups, 10 Box Jumps, 30 Mt Climbers x 3 sets: rest 3 min

10min – 10 sit ups, 15 Walking Lunge Steps, 200m run x 3 sets


Mobility WOD

IMG 2253


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