WOD for Friday, Aug. 10th

Phil is an excellent representative for St. Ignatius.

Coach Calen and his amazing Oly Lifting Seminars are coming to Mill Valley starting this weekend.

Sundays August 12th, 19th and 26th from 12-2pm.  $40 each or $110 for all three.  There will be different sepcific aspects to each seminar.


Things I don’t stress about:

What my time was.

What place I came in.

What the coach/classmate thought about how I did.

Whether or not I’m “getting a workout in today.”

If I’m ever going to get better at this.

Feeling like I’m the worst one in class.

What I smell like.

Here is what I stress about:

My damn popliteus which makes my knee swell when I run.

The depth of my squat which is always in question.

The quality and quantity of my sleep.

My technique, my technique, my technique

When and where is my next meal coming from.

Why didn’t I do more mobility today?

What I smell like. (Depends on the day)

How to foam roll like a pro.


5 Sets @ 100% Effort
:30 Wall Ball
:30 Box Jump (20/16)
:30 Burpees
rest 3mins

Out of Town WOD

5 Sets @ 100% Effort
:30 Jumping Squats
:30 Sprawl
:30 Box Jump (20/16)
:30 Mt. Climbers
rest 3mins

Mobility WOD

Episode 276/365: Let’s Get Real About Summer Time Hydration


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