WOD for Wednesday, Aug. 8th


Future stud and intern Zack. Makes me feel good about our youth.

More gear–this time for your kids. We have a few kids shirts left in stock, and they are $20 each, and we can charge your account and have them delivered to the gym of your choice. First come, first served. Email allison@tjsgym.com. Youth sizes 6, 8, and 10. The front has our TJ’s Kids logo, and the back has our regular logo.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Oly seminars with Calen on Sundays in Mill Valley, August 12, 19, and 26th from 12-2. $40 each or $110 for all 3. Email allison@tjsgym.com.

Don’t forget…the TJ’s Games are coming. Sunday, October 28th at the Marin Civic Center. Huge venue, huge event. If you think the Olympians are inspiring, you’ll be in awe of what our community churns out at this event! Hyperbole? Perhaps. But it really will be a great day.

Here are some reminders about Phase 2 which we are in now:

Phase 2 (CP Translating/Lactic Power/Aerobic Power)

The CP Translating phase will be an attempt on our part to see our athletes translate their new found strength to higher skill lifts. This phase will be predominantly focused around speed/power lifts. Olympic weightlifting will be critical to this step as will things like broad jumps and tall box jumps and even overhead med ball tosses. Seeing that strength from phase 1 translates to more coordinated movements is a goal as is seeing speed under load improve.

Lactic Power session will start to show up a couple times a week. This will be perfect sense they often utilize olympic weightlifting which sticks with the theme of this phase.

Aerobic Power – These sessions will also pop up a couple times a week during this phase and the clients will be getting used to them by now. These workouts are meant to be performed at 80-90% effort. That effort is different for each person but has one thing in common, it is sustainable for many minutes. Starting to see that your 90% is improving is fun.

The Strongest Man in the World


6 Sets
A1. 3 Bear Complex
rest 30sec
A2. 14 Jump Lunges (for height)
rest 30sec
A3. Sprint 200m
rest 3mins

Out of Town WOD

6 Sets
A1. 30ft Bear Crawl
rest 30sec
A2. 14 Jump Lunges (for height)
rest 30sec
A3. Sprint 200m
rest 3mins

Mobility WOD

Episode 33: FGB Push Press Prep. Patellar Tendonitis


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