WOD for Thursday, July 26th

Karis O’Sullivan ,a recent GroupOn graduate, rehabbing an ACL tear and already working out without her knee brace and slaying WODs.

Ladies–don’t forget to order some new TJ’s gear. Allison will place the order August 1st, and Friday is your last day to order on the discussion board. Check out the new styles there.
If you or your company or your friend’s company wants to sponsor the TJ’s Games, we are seeking sponsors now for this huge event to be held in October at a really cool venue to be announced shortly.  Please email allison@tjsgym.com for more information and to express interest.



  1. Open Access in Novato! – Starting this week.Gilly will open gym up to all those that have a full-fee unlimited membership ($200 for Novato-only/ $250 for all gyms). Schedule as follows:Mondays – 7:30a-8:30a and 11a-12pmWednesdays- 7:30a-8:30aFridays: 4:30-6pm

    Saturdays:  7:30am-9am

    Dan the Man Freeman on the Dboard yesterday:

    OK, so sometimes you find your own groove on a workout, and sometimes you key others around you to help you find pace or challenge yourself.  Today I lined up next to Joe Ball.  I made some lame small talk with him about mt bikes so I could make sure that when we started running, I’d be at his hip.  We took off on the 800 together, conversational for the first 200 m.  At the turn around we were together, but as we did the long gradual uphill back to the gym, he started stretching the rubber band a little.  I tried to be sure to stay within a pace or two, so that I didn’t give anything away to early.  It was a hard first 800, but my hope was that I could at least match his WP sprawls and perhaps get out the door first, and then the race would be on.  Sure enough, I dropped the plate within a half second of Joe and followed him, one pace off, through the doors…the race was on.  Now, it has been a long, long time since I have been in a real race, and I miss it.  Immediately I began strategizing: endurance is not a strength right now, so don’t go early…although if he is feeling any weakness, with an early surge I may discover that he isn’t responding…decisions?  I decide that I hurt enough already, lets pace the first 400 and then see what happens in the final 400.  I think we both were thinking the same thing, as the first 400 was part recovery, part sizing up the other.  I decide at the turn-around that I will try to break before the final 200.  I think he has a better kick than I, so leaving it to the final leg would be like handing it over.  So, at about 250 yds to go, I surge and listen carefully to whats happening behind me.  I can her him pick up his turnover and start breathing just a little louder.  He’s responded, so I have to add some gas if I’m going to break from him…hmm, I’m not quite burning rubber like I’d hoped.  Somewhere in the last 100-150 meters, Joe pulls astride, and true to form, encourages me to come with with him.  “Good job, Dan!” he says.  “GUJABJO!!!” I pant.  “Come on!” he says, and starts turning it on.  I dig for the last of my oxygen and lengthen my stride for the last 50 to keep him within two strides at the finish.  I am gassed.  What a great f*^@ing workout.

    Thanks Toni for the fundraising idea…don’t think it’ll work with my high school mt bike team, but creative for sure.  Thanks Bruce for the help on the presses, and thanks Joe for effort and encouragement (as if that were different from any other day) on the WOD.  Have a great day all.



A. Hang Power Snatch; 3-3-3-3-3-3; rest as needed between sets

6 Sets @ 97% Effort
5 Hang Power Snatch (moderate weight, focus on speed)
10 KBS (53/35)
20sec Airdyne Sprint
rest 2-3mins

Out of Town WOD
6 Sets @ 97% Effort
5 burpees
10 Box jumps
25m Sprint
rest 2-3mins

Mobility WOD

Episode 07: Bro, Your Navicular Bone Dropped


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