WOD for Tuesday, July 24th

 Coach Gilly gave me the scoop on Ryan:  “He recently became a member with his girlfriend, Brina. He’s a firefighter and an all-around great guy. He’s strong as hell and already RX’ing WODs like it ain’t no thing.”

TJ’s Gym Summer BBQ and Celebration will be held at  Tara Firma Farms on Sunday, August 5th from 1-5pm.  Thanks to our friends, Tara and Craig Smith, owners of Tara Firma, for offering their venue to us.  We will supply the burgers, and you can feel free to bring side dishes or desserts–Paleo or not!  See you there.

The Competitors’ Blog is up again and will be from here on out.

Speaking of competitors, we will have some exciting announcements about the TJ’s Games coming very soon.  If you/your company is interested in sponsorship opportunities for this community-wide event, please email Allison (allison@tjsgym.com) ASAP.  We are hoping to nail down our big sponsors by this Friday.

We will be running a workout at the Relay for Life event this Saturday at San Jose Middle School in Novato.  You can donate by clicking on the link below to our TJ’s Gym “team” or by bringing your checkbook to the event on Saturday.  New Coach, Kyle, and Intern, Nick will be running the show and putting people through a Burpee Helen (burpees instead of pullups).  The workout will be called “Margie,” in honor of our own Margie S, who has kicked cancer to the curb and is currently celebrating with her family in Tahoe.  You can read Margie’s inspiring story in Allison’s book if you haven’t already.  Thanks to Kandi B and Judy R for the push in getting us involved in this great cause again this year.
More info about the event can be found on the Relay for Life Website, where the link below will be taking you.


A. 2.2 – Push Press.Push Jerk; 5 sets; rest 2mins

B1. Strict Pull Ups; 3-5 reps; rest 45sec; 3 sets
B2. Strict Dips; 3-5 reps; rest 90sec; 3 sets

For Time
800m Run or Row
40 Weight plate Sprawls
800m Run or Row

Out of Town WOD

800m Run or Row
40 Weight plate Sprawls
800m Run or Row

Mobility WOD

Episode 47: The 5 Way Shoulder, Front Wheel Drive Test


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