WOD for Friday, July 20th

 So what we have here are the four horsemen of the CrossFit Games.

Lisa Smith was the athlete liason for the Games.  She was in charge of anything and everything involving the schedule, needs and wants of the athletes.  She had an athlete in one ear and her walkie talkie in the other the entire weekend.  Except for when she was taking care of me.  Thank you Lisa!
Joe and Andy ran the track events.  Did that resonate?  Every event, individual or team, from med ball, GHD tosses to Big Bob push/pulls to rope climbs, they set it up, organized it, and broke it down.  They managed fifty volunteers and hundreds of competitors.  I truly mean this, it was flawless.  The equipment management, timing and moving of humans couldn’t have been done any better.  Oh, they were also the loudest cheerleaders on the track for our team.

Jason was their number two.  I watched that guy roll more barbells, carry more shit and manage more people than is humanly possible.  Joe and Andy would agree that they couldn’t have done it without JBann.

We will be participating in the 31 Heroes workout on August 4th.  I will be registering tomorrow but you can go register now for this great cause.



8 x 3 MAP training

8mins – 5 Pull Ups, 5 Dips, 5 Front Squats
rest 4mins
8mins – 7 Wall Balls, 7 Push Ups; 200m Row
rest 4mins
8mins – 3 KB/DB Snatch/arm, 20 Double Unders, 12/15 Airdyne Calories

 Out of Town WOD

8mins – 5 Pull Ups, 5 Dips, 10 Squats
rest 4mins
8mins – 7 Box Jumps, 7 Push Ups; 200m Run
rest 4mins
8mins -15 Jumping Jacks, 20 Double Unders, 12 Situps to Standing

 Mobility WOD  

Team Super Training: Squattin' Cowboy


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