WOD for Thursday, July 12th

Our team is now in Carson and I will join them on Thursday.  Marcus, Lisa, Danny, Jess, Nicki, Yago and I wanted to give a huge thank you to Anthony Ostland for helping to get this team to this point. He is an amazing athlete, teammate and friend.  He has a huge future in store as a CrossFit competitor.   Thank you Anthony! 

This will also be the first time we are sending a team to the Games with out Dr. Allison.  She has been an integral part of the development of our competition team and she will be missed on the field in Carson.  She has been enjoying stress free training and much more summer family time  since 2009!

Once again, class cancellations for the week are as follows:

Mill Valley: 6pm on Thursday

Corte Madera:  6am on Thursday and 8:30am on Friday


4 Sets for load and reps
A1. KB Heavy Weighted Walking Lunges @ 30X0; 16 steps; rest 60sec
*these must be HARD
A2. Strict Pull Ups; AMRAP; rest 60sec
*these must be to failure

B. 4 Sets for times
12 Burpees AFAP
300m Row
Rest same time as working set

 Out of Town WOD

4 sets for times

12 Burpees AFAP

300m Run

Rest the same as work

 Mobility WOD

Cindy and Mary Prep


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