WOD for Tuesday, July 10th

Lauren Selby is back.  Took a little break and now lifts heavy stuff in Novato instead of SR.  Great to have her in the fold again.

Closed Classes this week due to the Games:

Mill Valley:
Wed 10:15 On Ramp
Friday 4pm Open Gym
Corte Madera:
Friday 8:30 am
MAYBE 6am Thursday (we are working on it)
 Check back here next week as things might change.
Why and How to Watch the CrossFit Games
The CrossFit Games are now a serious event.  The sport of exercise is  something that cannot be ignored.  Some people call it ridiculous and some call it fantastic.  What ever your personal feelings are there is one thing that is fact: only the best CrossFitters get to go to the CrossFit Games.  We are very lucky that we have one of the best teams in the world who have the honor of competing this year.  We also have a ton of new people in our community who have no idea what I am talking about.  The past couple of posts I have been putting up videos to give an idea of the evolution of the games.  From a dirt hill in Aromas to the 8000 seat arena of the Home Depot Center.
Some brief history.  Our team first competed in 2009 on that dirt hill.  I believe almost 100 teams registered and we came in 11th place.   There were roughly 1000 CrossFit affiliates in the world at that time.  In 2010 the Games moved to the Home Depot Center and the affiliate number was up to 2500.  There was now a Regional Qualifier and the top three teams from each region got to go.  We secured a spot with one of the most excited tire flip/log carry events I have ever watched.  Our team came in 23rd out of about 50 teams.  By 2011 the worldwide affiliate number was up to just over 3000 and the competition had become ridiculous.  Our team came in first at our Regional Qualifier and again finished in 11th place.  At this point Reebok and ESPN had become partners with CrossFit and the worldwide phenomenon was well under way.  At Regionals this year our team placed fourth, one spot short of qualifying.  While everyone was still trying to figure out what to do with their July for the first time in four years, we were notified that a team before us was disqualified and we were once again going to the Games.  We were handed an unbelievable gift.  Our team has the honor of competing against, arguably , the fittest humans on the planet.
Since we were given such late notice the ability to secure tickets to the already sold out event became impossible for our members.  For the first time our team has to compete without the swell of Blue behind them.  TJ’s Gym travels well.  We represent wherever we need to be and we are known for it.  We will have a small commando style group of screaming, psychotic, hooligans who intend on spilling Blue pride all over the back of the shirt of the spectator sitting in front of us.
Here is the coolest part.  You can be there virtually now.  Here is the everything you need to do to bleed blue throughout the weekend.
Here you will be able to see the windows of time that the team will be competing.  Starting Friday morning all the way, maybe, through Sunday.  This will give the broad times and we will be posting our exact heat times on our Facebook page which is connected to our Twitter feed and the Discussion Board.
This is where you can watch the action live as it is being shown on the Jumbotron at the event.  I don’t believe there will be any commentary but when you find out our heat times you can watch the action completely live.
3.  ESPN3:
At the end of each day starting at 5:15 pm on espn3.com you can see an edited version of all the days events including individuals and masters.
4.  Facebook and Twitter:  Here is where you can get minute by minute updates as to what is happening with all the events.
The main idea is that you can be part of the special event.  If you are new to our community I think that you will be chagrined in a year that you didn’t take part in this.  If you are a long time member of our community you will realize that going to the show doesn’t happen every year.  It has taken a year of dedication by this team.  Certain things happened that has given them and us an unbelievable opportunity.  It is in all of our best interests to take advantage of it, to experience it, remember it and yes, actually enjoy it.
I hope this little guide has helped and please contact me with any questions.  Thanks everyone.


A. Back Squat – Take 80% of 1RM and Perform AMRAP; rest 4mins; 3 sets

4 Rounds
AMRAP Hang Power Snatch (105/65)
Run 400m
rest 2mins

 Out of Town WOD


Plank Hold for Seconds and Handstand Hold for Seconds

 Mobility WOD

Burdick and Bell on round back deads part 2


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  1. KVW says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE mY team BLUE!!!!! Kick world ass in Carson!!! I believe in you all !!!!!!!!! Seriously… Kick some crossfit ass!!! Xox

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