TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. June 21st

Just some of the shorties up at the kids classes in Novato we just started.  Check the Dboard for the details.

What a weekend coming up:

1.  Mill Valley 1 Year Anniversary Party at 6pm on Saturday at the Mill Valley Gym.  Bring a side dish, we’ll provide the meat and the booze.

2.  9am Sunday morning our Blue Crew is taking on San Francisco CrossFit for round 2. (we won the first one) .

3.  Oly Lifting Clinic with Coach Calen on Sunday at noon at the Mill Valley Gym.  Only a few spots left.  $40.


A1. Front Rack Walking Lunge (tough); 20X1 (pause with feet together between steps); 12-14 Steps; rest 1min; 3 sets
A2. AMRAP Ring Row; rest 90sec; 3 sets

EMOM – A right into B
A. 10 Wall Balls + 5 t2b; 7mins
B. 14 Jump Lunges + 10 sit Ups; 7mins

Out of Town WOD

A1.  50 Walking Lunge Steps

Rest 1 minute

A2.  10 Strict Pushups, fail at 10, tempo if you need to



10 Jumping Squats

10 Situps

for 10 minutes

Mobility WOD 


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