TJ’s Gym Wod for Wed. June 20th

“Game Face” Murphy.


Our team has qualified for the CrossFit Games.  It is a long story that you can read here.  This is an incredible gift that’s happened.  We will do our best to represent NorCal this year.  Our team is excited and is busy preparing.  We are still in shock but this is an amazing opportunity.  Here we go again Blue.


A. Teams of 2 – Choose Run/Bike/Row
15mins alternate every 30sec with your partner. keep effort at 80%
*use this as a warm up for the class. get right into this. submaximal effort. just focus on getting the breathing going, not max heart rate or muscle fatigue.

B1. Barbell Bent Over Row; 5 reps; 5 sets; rest 90sec
B2. Dips; 5 reps; 5 sets; rest 90sec

C. KB Swing; 21 reps; 3 sets; rest 60sec

Out of Town WOD

Run 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds.  80% effort for 15minutes


A.  5 sets of Max Dips with 2 min rest between sets

B.  5 sets of VUps.  Max reps in 30 seconds.  90 seconds rest between sets.

Mobility WOD 


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