TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. June 8th

Leigh, in a post burpee haze, has the will and determination to no longer walk around in post burpee hazes. Here is a post from our Dboard from Rebecca K. Dear Community,

I need to check in about the May Sugar Challenge and post my results.  It was a good month and I was able to stick to my criteria.  I don’t struggle too much with sugar but this challenge did increase my awareness of just how many food and beverage items contain sugar, both in obvious and hidden ways.  Bottom line, the simpler the food, the less chance there is of having some kind of added crap.  Plus, I just plain feel better when I’m not eating sugar, especially at night when it’s time to sleep.
I know that many of us participants did have a good month and held to our guidelines.  Originally, the prize was a return of the $50 registration fee.  I would like to donate my $50 towards CrossFit for Hope and encourage/invite/challenge my community members to do the same.  Any takers???
I am so moved by this.  No, it’s because it makes it easier for me to figure out the Sugar Challenge result (which it does).  It’s because the incredible people in this community never cease to amaze me.  Thank you to Rebecca and everyone else who responded to her post on the Dboard.  I will get your donations in by Saturday.  Let me know if you want to follow her lead.  Just incredible

In 24 hrs we have moved from 24th to 16th place in the CrossFit for Hope Fundraiser!   Saturday and we want everyone to take part.  Here is the link for donations and we really appreciate your efforts in this project. WOD 1RM Testing Day A. Build to a 1RM in the Press B. Build to a 1RM in the Deadlift C. 2k Row for Time Out of Town WOD 5k run Mobility WOD 


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