TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. June 1st

Women of TJ’s discussion group is back in June!
The next meeting will be 7:20-8:30pm at the SR gym on Monday, June 11th.  A licensed psychologist, Allison facilitates the group, but it’s very informal and all things related to being a woman at TJ’s Gym can be discussed.  As always, there is no charge for this meeting.




So hopefuly you’ve had time to digest our Roadmap that Marcus has so brilliantly put together.  I am sure you will not find that type of explanation anywhere when it comes to laying out a plan for a CrossFit community.  Here is what you need to take away as well.  The best athletes, most successful weight loss folks and overall healthiest individuals in our program all concentrate on the same thing.  Perfect movement.   The “winners” at every level move beautifully or have had the greatest improvement in their movement.  Take the Hang Power Clean from yesterday for example.  It’s so easy to perform a jumping reverse curl and get a higher score.  Did that improve your long term neurological coordination?  Did that create new synapse connections in your brain?  Or did you go to default and bullshit your way through?  Perfecting movement burns more calories, drives hormones and creates the changes we want.  Be tough on yourself and stop worrying about your time, score or heart rate.  Remember, you will be doing this for a long time, so get good at the routine stuff.


A1. Weighted Push Up; 8reps; rest 10sec; 5 sets
A2. AMRAP T2B in 30 Sec; rest 90sec; 5 sets

B. In Teams of Two; Row/Airdyne 10mins
*alternate every 30sec, goal is to sustain your pace thorughout (90% aerobic pace)
*record Calories

C. Front Leaning Rest on Rings; accumulate 180sec

Out of Town WOD 

Mobility WOD 

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