TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. May 14th

Cops on Bars!

All Gyms are closed this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This week we have No-Charge Monday!  Take as many classes as you want tomorrow, and they won’t count towards your weekly limit.

Monday afternoon at 4:30 in San Rafael we will be having our sign-making party!  Bring your kids and your creative side.

Wednesday TJ will be doing a Nutrition Chat and Q &A at 7pm in San Rafael.

Sign-up sheets for free 15-minute assessments will be up in all the gyms on Tuesday.

Remember:   Sea of Blue, We want you!  Santa Clara Fairgrounds this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

If you missed Allison’s post on the discussion board, you should absolutely check it out.  There are many new folks here who don’t know Allison.  A quick synopsis of this past year: she has been writing and marketing the first book about CrossFit, running four gyms, training for and crushing the NorCal 40’s, training with the team, and raising two pretty cool kids.  Many of you know her more personally and can relate to how powerful a decision it was for her to step away from competing this week at Regionals.  For a quick walk down memory lane you can read her article that was posted on the CF Games site about the 2009 Affiliate Cup here. That was the first of many articles Allison has had featured on CrossFit’s site.

Training for Regionals or the Games has been such a huge part of our lives for the last four years, it already feels a little strange.  Allison chose to step aside, given her conviction that it wasn’t 100% clear that she should compete this year.  As she has said, 100% is an impossible standard, but that’s what she wanted.  Moving on, Allison has a team to support, a community to lead, a family to care for, and a career as an author and psychologist to manage.  We can all take something from her experience–how to rise to the occasion when all eyes are on you and when people are wondering how you are going to react.  She will be strong and focused.   She will be a leader and a friend.  It’s what she’s been doing as an athlete for the last four years, so why should that stop now?  I get a lot of the credit for having created our community most of the time.  The plain and simple truth is that none of us would be here doing any of this without Allison.  TJ’s Gym would simply not exist as it does without her.  We wouldn’t have the competition team we have without her.  I am filled with pride and admiration for what she’s accomplished so far, and I can’t wait to see what she will pull off in the next chapter.

Speaking of the next chapter for Allison, here’s what our own Brad Matsik had to say in response to Allison’s post last week.  Thanks, Brad.

“You have competed and succeeded at the highest level of this sport for 
a few years now against people half your age.  When you have competed 
against your own age group, you have utterly dominated (see Norcal 40s 
results…its almost comical).  You have probably never in your life 
been stronger, faster or better than you are right now.  And yet, you 
are stepping aside, because you know it is time.  You are going out on 
top, on your own terms and still operating at the highest level.  None 
of us can hope for anything more.   But this is crossfit…so its not 
the end of the race, just a move to a different track.  How long until 
you are eligible for Carson as a Masters individual?  I know you 
know.  And the women who will face you then better know too.  Roll on, 
Big Blue.”


A1. DB Single Leg RDL; 3010; 6-8reps/leg; 3 sets; rest 90sec

A2. Seated DB Press; 21X1 8-10reps; 3 sets; rest 90sec


3 sets

60 sec KB SDHP

60 sec Burpee Broad Jump

60 sec Double Unders

90 sec Rest

Out of Town WOD

3 Sets

60 Seconds of Burpee Broad Jump

60 Seconds of Vertical Leaps to a 12″ target

60 Seconds of Double Unders

Rest 90 seconds

Mobility WOD 

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