TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. May 12th

The ladies of Novato just hanging out.

Announcing the TJ’s Gym team roster for the 2012 NorCal Regionals:
Lisa Rendic
Jessica Woodall
Nicki Harrosh
Marcus Filly
Danny Nichols
Anthony Ostland
To be honest, that list is incomplete.  There are two members who are missing from this team listing.  Yago will not be competing at this event, nor will Allison.    I encourage you to read Allison’s post on the discussion board to hear about why she has chosen not to compete this time around.  It is a must-read.
I will be speaking about Allison on Sundays blog post.  Tonight I will be talking about my boy.  Yago was part of the very first team we had compete at the 2009 Games in Aromas.  Register a team and show up was basically how it worked.  It was one day with three events.  A couple of weeks before the Games Yago went down with a badly sprained ankle.  Black, swollen and nasty.  The workouts were announced a few days before hand and since he wasn’t going and the Max Overhead Squat/Max Pullups workout wasn’t an ankle killer he decided to give it a try.  The night before the Games I get a call and one of our male athletes announced he was out due to many different reasons.  I called Yago.  “What do you think, can you go?”  He replied with a “I’ll give it a shot.”  And that he did, we pulled out an amazing 11th place finish out of 100 teams and it started this arm of TJ’s Competitors.  He was a major part of the 2010 team that went down to the California Regionals in Irvine where we came in top three to qualify for the Games where we took 23rd.  Last year he again helped our team qualify with a first place finish at Regionals and another 11th place finish at the Games.  This little walk down memory lane was my way of saying he was always there whenever we needed him.  I’ve called him the best natural athlete I’ve ever met.  His dedication to his workouts is amazing.  Under any circumstances that might be going on in his life, he gets it done.   For four years when I’ve asked about his interest in trying to make it to the big show for another year he has said “If you guys want me I’m in.”  Never any ego or expectations.  He always was thinking about the team.
This was a difficult and emotional acceptance for me.   Yago has represented me, my gym, my community and my dream.  He’s been a better ambassador than I could have ever hoped for.  There will be a void on that field where my friend has stood for these past years.
 To my boy, my friend.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


A1. Dips AMRAP; 4 sets
A2. Heavy Walking Lunges: 16-20steps continuous; 4 sets

20mins AMRAP
200m Run
10 Pull Ups
2 Wall Walks

Out of Town WOD

20mins AMRAP
200m Run
10 Pull Ups
2 Wall Walks

Mobility WOD  


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