TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. May 9th

Dana D. thinks we should get a bus for Regionals.  What do you think?

Amazing group in Novato for the nutrition talk.  Next one is next Wednesday at 7pm in San Rafael.

Here is a post written by last years Regional Director Andy Boone that I copied from the Dboard almost a year ago.  Andy stepped aside this year and turned it over to our own Joe Ball, to try to qualify our Novato Team who just missed making the cut by a couple of spots.

We Had All the Pieces

I think that’s the real story of the 2011 Reebok NorCal Regional. We
had all the pieces. The purpose of this post is to acknowledge the
people who made this happen. I apologize…I’m sure it will be a
lengthy one:

-We added Danny to our team. I’m trying to remember who competed with
the other 5 last year, but the dude’s name escapes me at the moment. (It was Andy)
Danny helped the crew crush the Open Sectionals and came up MASSIVE in
San Jose. In the days leading up to Regionals and on more than one
occasion I cautioned LIsa R to not think too far ahead to Sunday. I
honestly thought getting to Sunday should be considered victory. It’s
the NorCal. Competition is freakish. Bottom line: they dominated the
entire weekend. Dominated. So proud of huge, gritty performances by
each athlete. And I’m even more proud of the work that went into their
prep. Time, work, pain, study and excellent coaching had them firing
and ready. And they executed.

-TJ stole the show. Give that dude a quality sound system and watch
him go. Could the events have been called any better? Did you hear him
call some of the close heats? Amazing stuff. What about the Awards
Ceremony? Did you hear him try to say the name of his own gym…..”and
in first place (pause, pause, watery eyes)”. That’s a moment that I
know he will never forget. Proud of you buddy. Thanks for dragging me
into the mess. You have now raised the bar on what an event should
sound like.

-Give me Lisa S, Joe Ball, Brian D, Jason and Alicia, Heather and Jenn
R and Rick Goodrich from Novato and there is nothing that can’t be
done. I freaked out about a month ago b/c I was struggling manning
volunteers. A dude on my HQ assigned team wasn’t pulling any weight.
Boom. Enter Lisa S. Done. All weekend I introduced Lisa as the most
important person at the event. And she was. CrossFit still operates
from a volunteer model. Lisa managed hundreds and never said no to a
task. A+, lady. I want you on my team.

On Saturday, it rained in San Jose more than it has during the entire
month of June, throughout recorded history. No bs. More rain on one
day than in the entire month, throughout history. Our event was
outside in a ratty-ass concert arena. So, we built levees and threw
sandbags and created temp floors out of shipping pallets. Lisa’s
volunteers were huge.

-Months ago Brian D helped on the front end with FB and email lists
and anything else I couldn’t do. During the event he was everything
from setup the Wifi, to emailing HQ Media heat results, counting
money, delivering data to HQ execs, to building spreadsheets and
writing algorithms, to telling people where to go and what to do. He
had a huge leadership role behind the scenes. Thanks, BD.

-Joe Ball made a name for himself among all the athletes with his
calm, professional, get shit done attitude. Joe was the official Head
Judge, but really acted as the Competition Director. He covered
athlete briefings and scoring issues and equipment builds. Dude did it
all just as we all knew he would. Bang up job, buddy.

-Heather and Jenn R took care of every sponsor other than Reebok and
Rogue. They created goody bags and assigned vendors to locations and
acted as points of contact throughout the weekend. I never once
thought about our sponsors knowing they were being taken care of.
Thanks you two.

-Several weeks before the event Jason B approached me and asked me if
he cold help out. I thought about it for a day or so and finally told
him to just be close to me. He ended up handling a variety of
situations. TJ ended up tapping Jason to spot the events. He was a key
leader on the floor with spotting and equipment and much more. Alicia
was ever present. Taking care of anything that needed attention in the
Athlete check-in tent. Thanks you two.

-Rick Goodrich is my pal and works out in Novato. He has run huge
events in large venues and I have picked his brain from day 1. Rick
was with us on Thursday and Friday before he had to fly to DC for a
large venue show. Rick helped me design the layout, Rick knew what
sound system we needed and I could go on and on. He convinced me that
I needed more equipment and more radios and operational stuff I would
have never thought of. He frequently asked all the annoying prep
questions that needed answers. His expertise was huge.

-And then there was Big Blue. Our fans. Damn you all looked cool from
where I was. Our spectators cheered louder and drank more beer than
anyone there. That’s just the way I would write it. And the fun didn’t
stop at the venue. Our later night gatherings were too damn fun. I
should have been in bed, but I truly love you guys and enjoy your
company too damn much.

-Lastly, the other adult in my home. My much better half who helped me
in a variety of ways along the planning path. Brainstorming and Excel
and ideas and listening to my frustrations. It would almost be
embarrassing to admit how much time I put into this CrossFit event. I
haven’t put close to as much time in any event in my life. Yes, that
includes my own wedding as Karen pointed out. Thanks, Kboone. Couldn’t
ask for a better partner.

See you all in Carson. Book your tickets now….and come watch the Big
Blue show.


5min Sets @ 85% EFFORT

5min AMRAP
5 T2B
10 Walking Lunges
rest 2mins

5min AMRAP
1 T-drill
7 Ring Push Ups
rest 2mins

5min AMRAP
5 DB Ground to Overhead (45/25)
10 Sit Ups)
rest 2mins

5min AMRAP
3 KB Clean and Jerk/arm
10 Pulls on Rower

Out of Town WOD

5min Sets @ 85% EFFORT

5min AMRAP
5 T2B
10 Walking Lunges
rest 2mins

5min AMRAP
1 T-drill
7  Push Ups
rest 2mins

5min AMRAP
5 Burpees
10 Sit Ups)
rest 2mins

5min AMRAP
3 Handstand Pushups
10 Box Jumps

Mobility WOD 

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