TJ’s Gym WOD for Sat. Apr. 21st

This is Pete on the left.  Pete was the first Delta Bravo bar drop recipient we’ve had since the video.  Geoff is on the right doing some sympathy burpees for with his fallen comrade.

Thank you for being a stand up guy Greg, I didn’t even have to ask for yours.  See you tomorrow for yours Amy J.

Sunday at 9:30am  to 12 in Mill Valley our team of TJ’s Gym Heroes (Brit Williamson, KC Vlah, Sarah Buckley, Patty Flynn, Kelly Reitz, Radz, Chris Russell, Dan Felling, Pete Stathis and Brad Matsik) will be taking on the ugly horde known as San Francisco Crossfit in a throwdown to decide who is the best group of exercisers.  Come out, bring the kids and cheer on the good guys!

Congratulations to Asst. Coach Brit Williamson.  She finished her 500! intern hours this morning and is officially an Assistant Coach!

From The Atlantic:  He Who Sits the Most, Dies the Soonest.


Deadlift 2reps x 10sets (add 10# from last Saturday) @ 12X1; rest 60 sec

200m Farmers Carry (53/35)
30 Hang Power Snatch (95/65)
21 Burpees
200m Farmers Carry
20 HPS
18 Burpees
200m Farmers Carry
10 HPS
15 Burpees
200m Farmers Carry

Out of Town WOD

Go to the beach and run 20 really hard sprints

Mobility WOD 


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