TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Mar. 30th

It’s the end of an era.  Kevin Dempsey retired from the San Francisco Police Department after 30 years on Wednesday.  Congratulations to an amazing person who has become a lynchpin of our community.  And he is always in compliance with the shirt rule at the gym.

Ever hear of this thing called Group On?  It is happening up in Novato!  Check it out right here.

From now on the Wednesday afternoon class in Corte Madera will start at 5pm instead of 4:30.  We are adding a TEAM for girls class at 4pm starting next week.  We also hope to add a Barbell Club class at 6pm. Look for confirmation from Allison tomorrow via the discussion board and the blog.  Good stuff going down in the CM gym.

Ok, rant time.  Had a fairly new client on the phone today struggling with getting into a rhythm of the program.  I was able to set her straight with a few suggestions but I was hit in the gut with something she said.  During a class she said that she was going to row because she just couldn’t handle the distance for the runs and someone in class asked loud enough for everyone else to hear:

“Are you injured?  You can’t row if you’re not injured?  That’s the rules.”

What a dumbass thing to say.  If you said it and I am offending you right now, you and me, we’ve got issues.  Here is the deal.  I think that this kind of thing rarely if ever happens but strange shit happens around here.  I was reminded of the Fight Gone Bad  day in Corte Madera circa 2009 earlier this week.  Yes, bad stuff goes down every once in awhile but I want to address this one particular issue.

I understand that folks sometimes need something extra from the room.  They need intensity  or energy or to be pushed or whatever.  Some folks see newbies or injured folks as somehow reducing the quality of their time in they gym.  Now I know most of you are surprised and appalled by this fact but it is a fact.  We like to make sure that not only new folks are being taken care of but the firebreathers are getting what they need as well.  Here is the point.

Keep yourself in check.  If you’re so badass that you need to call out some bs “rule” I assume you are rx’ing not only this workout but all of our workouts. Danny marvels at your Thruster, Lisa wonders when you will coach her through a metcon and Yago is texting you nonstop for tips on how to walk on your hands up and down the Larkspur Stairs five times.  Take a second and look around you.  If you RX a workout and then want to curse and scream because you didn’t PR, check yourself.  Look around and see who that might affect.  If you crush a workout and then want to pal around with the coach because you finished first and talk about how awesome you did, check yourself.  Are there still other people five or ten minutes from finishing?

You need a little something extra?  Bring your request to the coach.  They can pull a few quick maneuvers to create a different experience for you.  The Competitors Program, The CrossFit Open, TJ’s Games , The Fran Challenge, The Helen Challenge, and who knows what else we come up with are all ways to feed those who need the fire and brimstone.

You decided to join not only a gym but a community.  OUR community.  That’s the way we roll, together.  99% of y’all get this and that is why this thing works.  If you ever hear some junk about a “rule” that isn’t about peeing on the floor or spitting in my water bottle, I beg you to tell me.  My job is to make this place as perfect as possible and I ain’t afraid to bring the hammer when needed.



OHS – build to a 3RM

Overhead Squats
Pull Ups

Out of Town WOD

Pull Ups

Mobility WOD


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One Response to TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Mar. 30th

  1. marcusfilly says:

    thank you TJ. i had almost forgot that stuff like that goes down.

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