TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Mar. 28th

C.Raven.   Art?  Or just gross?

Ok,  I can finally decompress enough to get my own thoughts about the Open down here.  I am doing this because I am obviously a very important person whose thoughts need to be read by other people. That’s why blogs were invented right?  Ok, back on track, let’s get this thought bubble down on paper before I start wandering down memory lane, thinking back to when I was a personal trainer in the city during the dot com days, (Really, you haven’t lost any weight?  Don’t worry, you’ve got ten thousand shares of stock.  You’re set for life!)  Ok, breathe…The Open by Tiberius Johansen.

Kelly Reitz bursting into tears after snatching 100 pounds in Novato–a weight she couldn’t come close to doing fifteen minutes earlier.  Tom Boyden and Michael Gruen doing the same thing in Mill Valley. Tears came later in the car while reliving this greatest moment of their lives.  Dan Felling coming to four different gyms to watch 60 different athletes do the workouts before he did for all five weeks, and never cheering once.   Carrie Taylor showing up to cheer on the Mill Valley crew every week, not caring whether or not  you needed permission.  Tony Anello, Pete Stathis and Kristin Van Wheele showing up as support crew in Novato like it was their job.  Amazing humans those three are.  Coach Schepp crashing a barbell on his noggin and looking like Jimmy Superfly Snooka after a match with Big Jim Dunnigan with blood running down his face.  Teesh nailing non false grip muscle ups with her patented tongue stuck behind lower lip with eyebrows pulled up to hairline look.  Classic.  Tom Boyden looking like a trainwreck showing up to cheer on Hamilton at 7am on Sunday after his own birthday party.  Doug Houlahan showing up to cheer on his crew at 7am, making Boyden’s trainwreck look like a wedding party made up of Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch models.  Nick Goepp making a giant-doing-chest-to-bar-pullups look like Kobe Bryant shooting free throws.  Bo Dahlberg coming in to cheer Andy at 5am in full Marin County Sheriff uniform, including some nice aftershave if I do say so myself.  Sarah Buckley’s water breaks.  Hilah getting washing machined by this thing and then righting the ship.  Andy Boone’s last set of thrusters–don’t look for a joke cause there ain’t one.

My MVP goes to intern, soon-to-be-assistant-coach, soon-to-be-coach, Brittanie Williamson.  I couldn’t have done it without her.  In the last five weeks she’s heard “Brit, you mind judging for me?” more than I’ve heard “Your kids are so cute, they look just like your wife!” for the last nine years.  She never said no, and she was as solid as anyone.  Not bad for a kid who did her first CrossFit workout in January.  Did I mention that she had one of the top ten female scores in our gym every week!?

So there you have it.  Next year our goal is to make improvements in our running of the Open, so that it is one giant community event for us all.   Now, if I could just find someone who knows a thing about community…Have you done your reading homework yet?????


A1. Single Leg RDL 3011; 6-8 reps; 4 sets
A2. Floor Press; 6-8 reps; 4 sets

3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
30 KBS (53/35)

Out of Town WOD

3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
30 Situps to Standing

Mobility WOD


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