TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Mar. 14th

Gabriel owns his own composting company.  How about that?  He also has impossibly tight hips and shoulders, which we spent a ton of time on in his last class.  He seemed to have missed the mobility seminar this weekend.  Hmmmm.  Oh well, I’ll just plan to modify his workouts three months from now when he brushes his teeth and something goes because he hasn’t worked on his mobility enough.

That my friends, was a rant.  I tend to do that every once in awhile.  After one of my rants, I am usually looking out at a group of people with wide eyes and trembling lips who look as if they are going to burst into tears at any moment.  Sometimes you get pushed to the edge, and you have to let it all out.  Man, do I feel good after.   I tend to bottle up my pushed tolerance and then explode on some poor sucker who came to class a few minutes late.  I pull them to the front of the class and  go after their squat, their hygiene, you know, whatever happens to come to mind.  They are usually a little panicked for being late, but when they see it’s me they’re like “Oh, it’s TJ coaching today, he’s always nice/a pushover.  I’m actually going to check this email real quick, even though I’m five minutes late.”  I let them settle into the back of the room and that’s when the taunts start.  I open it with something like “Ohhhh, I see we have someone who is more important than the rest of us!”  Then I make the person sit on a chair in the middle of the room with their feet on the the back of the person who got to class first while the rest of the class does 50 manmakers for the warmup with 50% of their bodyweight.  But don’t worry, I’m sure I won’t be like that tomorrow.

Speaking of Seminars: #5 is this Sunday in San Rafael from 1-3pm.  Pullup and Muscle Up Progressions with some really good coaches.

Allison’s Book Launch is a week away.  Next Tuesday, March 20th 6:30pm at the Mill Valley Community Center.  Free Paleo appetizers from our own Lisa Hines of Bella Luxe Catering, and a great panel of speakers. In addition to the CrossFit celebs who will be part of the event (SFCF’s Kelly Starrett and HQ’s Lisbeth Darsh), word on the street is that there will be a few more coming as guests.  Celebrity sightings will be had.  There will also be a raffle or two or three for people who buy a book or bring a non-TJ’s Gym friend, with prizes to include a large sampler of Steve’s Club’s Paleo goodies (Steve will be on the panel and has generously donated this prize and free samples for guests), Chocolate Puma Bites from our own Heidi George (I hear they’re fabulous, but Allison ate mine), All Pro Science Protein Powder tubs (thank you, APS!), and a free month of membership at TJ’s (you’ll be eligible for this one if you bring two or more non-TJ’s friends to the event).  

DUE TO THE EVENT, THERE WILL BE NO EVENING CLASSES AT ANY OF THE GYMS ON TUESDAY, MARCH 20th.  This includes Mill Valley at 6pm, Novato at 6pm, and San Rafael at 6:15pm.  There WILL be class in Corte Madera at 5pm. Then you can all run down to the event and be less fancy than the rest of us. 


A1. Floor Press – 10, 8, 6, 10
A2. Side Plank – 45-60sec/side; 4 sets
Rest only as needed

4 Rounds
10 Wall Walks
15 T2B
25 Box Jumps (step off top); 24/20
*coaches – heads up this could take longer than it looks

Out of Town WOD

4 Rounds
10 Wall Walks
15 V ups
25 Box Jumps (step off top); 24/20
*coaches – heads up this could take longer than it looks

Mobility WOD 


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