TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Mar. 12th

Ron Craig is brand new and could show a lot of veterans in the program how to high pull.  I definitely think the Corte Madera commode is helping his intensity.  There’s some serious energy and athleticism in there these days!

Big Day.  6:45a in San Rafael for the Competitors Program and they crushed 12.3.  Then to Corte Madera to watch a few athletes hammer the same workout.  Back to San Rafael to instruct some mobility ninjas on how to become supple superstars from 1 to 3.  Screaming up 101 to Novato for the Competitors who destroyed the workout with a full house of supporters from 3:30 to 5:15pm, then off to dinner with the family and a few of my all-star favorite peeps.  Missed you, Joe Ball.

Some of you have no idea what I’m talking about.  The CrossFit Open happens this time of year.  Athletes compete to try to qualify their teams or as individuals for the Regionals that will take place in May and June.  We have four teams in the Open, and I am in charge of monitoring all of the “Competitors” workouts,  meaning those who have a shot at being on one of our teams should they qualify.  While this is quite the circus of managing schedules and emotions, it allows me to do the thing I love the most, which is get chest deep in our community. I get to watch amazing things happen each week.  My highlights so far have been spread across the county.  Some of the best include watching Tom Boyden and Michael Gruen pr their snatch by dozens of pounds with only seconds to spare  with a dozen people screaming so loud that it sounded like 100 in Mill Valley..  Watching Kelly Reitz burst into tears after making  a weight that she only dreamed of making in Novato.   Going to an ice cold Corte Madera gym to watch Cindy Winship try and try but not make able to make a heavy weight, then have her email me the plan for how to make that weight in the future.  I get to see just about everyone who is competing but the reality is that we have four gyms competing for the next level and the most exciting moments have been watching the folks who realistically don’t have a shot at making any of these teams.  They are screamed at by fellow gym members who might have only met them a few minutes before, and it’s just an incredible experience.

If you go to you can see something pretty cool.  We have four TJ’s Gyms competing and they are spread across the board.  At the bottom of the leaderboard is TJ’s Gym Corte Madera.  At the last minute, Hamilton Kipp sent us an email asking us to enter a Corte Madera team.  Ham isn’t only the captain of the team, but he’s the unofficial captain of the entire CM gym.  They barely have enough athletes to field a team but they are doing it, just as enthusiastically as any of our teams, and I am might be prouder of this group than any of the others.  They know that the chance of them going to the next level is, well, at this point impossible.  But they keep showing up and busting their asses.

I like to joke that these five weeks are going to kill me.  I’m working 35 days straight, and I am looking forward to this thing wrapping up.  But because of that group in CM, I’m just going to keep showing up and busting my ass.

Women’s group is tomorrow night at 7:15 in San Rafael.  Fifteen minutes earlier because the Dr. would like to get started earlier.  This group is open to all TJ’s Gym women. No charge. Just come to talk about anything on your mind that is remotely related to our endeavor at TJ’s Gym.

Friday’s Open Gym will be  in San Rafael this week.


Thruster – Build to a 1RM in the thruster from the floor

“Running Fran”
3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
15 Thrusters (choose your own weight)
15 Pull Ups

Score = Weight in pounds/Time in seconds

Out of Town WOD

3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
15 Jumping Squats
15 Pull Ups or Pushups

Mobility WOD 


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