TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Mar. 6th

Ecstagony Series #2:  Women are Stronger Than Men.  Notice “The Whit Ball”  rolling it out in the back ground.

OutFit is now at 9:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Hall Middle School.  30-40 minute metcon’s, a Marin Mom’s dream come true every class.  Remember to sign up before you come or contact and let him know you’re coming.

Speaking of Marcus, check out “Hey I know that guy!” at T-Nation

Tuesday, March 20th 6:30 pm at the Mill Valley Community Center.
Book Launch Event for Allison’s book: The Power of Community: CrossFit and the Force of Human Connection.
Admission is free, and there will be catered Paleo appetizers (c/oBella Luxe Catering), and an inspiring panel of speakers to include:
Steve Liberati, Founder of Steve’s Club
Brad Ludden, Founder of First Descents
Lisbeth Darsh, affiliate/community guru at CrossFit Headquarters
Bryant Mitchell, Manager, Affiliate & Community Services Fitness & Training at Reebok International
Allison Belger, Owner, TJ’s Gym/Psychologist/Author
Two long-time TJ’s Gym members who have lots to say about the power of our community
Moderator: Kelly Starrett, Owner of San Francisco CrossFit and
If that list of superstars is not incentive enough to come, we will also have a lottery–a certain number of free one-month membership prizes will be given to those of you who bring two non-TJ’s Gym friends to the event. Some of the content will be CrossFit-related, but much of it will have to do with how we can all change lives for the better by finding and creating communities and opportunities for group support.
If you haven’t seen the 3-minute video about the book, check it out here:
You can pre-order the book here:
Questions about the book or the event?  Email Allison at
Seminar Series #4:  Mobility and Injury Prevention with TJ.  Sunday from 1 to 3pm.  $35 per person.  Limited to 12 athletes.
Open Gyms in Novato on Wed at 7pm and 4pm on Friday.  San Rafael and Mill Valley have normal Open Gym schedules.
New kids classes in Mill Valley on Tuesdays   4-4:30 4-6yr olds, 4:35- 5:05 7-10yr olds.  Contact to sign up.  Come early to sign a waiver.  If you bring a friend of your child they need to have a waiver pre signed by their parent, not you!


2 Hang Power Clean.2 Front Squat.2 Hang Squat Clean; build up to a max for the day in this barbell complex


Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean
Ring Dips


max vertical jump – 2 attempts – max inches achieved for highest attempt is score

rest 2 min
amrap muscle ups – 1 attempt – max reps achieved is score
rest 2 min
amrap unbroken double unders – 2 attempts – max reps achieved for highest rep is score
rest 2 min
amsap L sit – legs straight, heels above hips – max sec is score
(combine inches, muscle up reps, DU reps and sec as score – i.e. 27+12+125+34 = 198)
Get me the score by Sunday please.

Out of Town WOD

Highest Box Jump Possible

Mobility WOD 


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