TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Feb. 22nd

There is a coach in this picture.  Can you pick her or him out?

Open Gyms on T/Th at noon in SR, 7pm Wed night in Novato every week and 4pm Friday in Novato this week. Also 4pm in Mill Valley from now on. Lots of OG options!

This Sunday is Seminar #2: The Foundation of Fitness- Strength.  The Squat, Deadlift and Press. 1pm in San Rafael.

Register for the CrossFit Open.  We now have teams for all four gyms.  Gonna be a good time.

From Allison:

 The first press release about my book has
been posted, and if we get enough views we can get it to some legit
news sources.  I’d appreciate it if you could click on the link and
check it out.  Feel free to share/like/comment etc on Facebook or
Twitter, or whatever you do.  All of it will help.
Thanks so much!
Allison also highly recommends Puma Bites by our own Heidi G.  They are delicious organic chocolate treats that were so good Allison couldn’t save me a bite of the one Heidi gifted to her!
 Coach Calen had some sweet insight on the Dboard yesterday:
      The topic of how one “feels” (feel as in “I’m fired up today” or 
“I’m just not feeling it today, brah.”) in relation to training came 
up at BBC today and I briefly shared my experience. Which is that how 
I feel is essentially irrelevant to training success and in fact 
feeling noticeably lousy while constantly improving performance is an 
indicator of effective training. I used to think that training should 
make me “feel good,” and also that “feeling good” (a fresh mind, 
limber joints, not sore, comfortable most of the time, cutie gave me 
her number, etc)  was a necessary condition to success. Get all my 
ducks in a row…NOW I can kick some ass! Now I see that every time 
I’ve made the most progress in my training is when I’ve felt the 
WORST, the most uncomfortable. 
     Here’s how I’ve felt the last 3 months: like an old man. It’s 
hard to stay upright – I constantly want to sit or lie down, to lean 
on something (a cane?). 9 hours of solid-ass sleep disappear like 
water into sand and I don’t feel rested. I’m sore. My back hurts. My 
hunger is bottomless; I’m driven to eat everything in sight and then 
my stomach hurts because it is so full (I spend a few hundred dollars 
more on food per month now). Social life sucks: like some retiree I 
live under a rock because I need to save my energy. Each week part of 
me fears that I will not make it: I will fail like I failed in the 
past, I will get hurt (again), I can’t lift that much. And I couldn’t 
be happier about it. My body is adapting, sucking down sleep and huge 
plates of barbecue because it knows next week that bar will be 
heavier. My exhaustion is my proof and I know that I will succeed at 
next week’s weights BECAUSE I feel tired, not in spite of it. I’ve 
done all my old 1-rep maxes for 5 reps and I’ve gained about 15 pounds 
while remaining at the same belt notch. And the gym is my oyster 
because I am fully comfortable with being uncomfortable. 
I’m not telling you to ignore your body or be stupid. If your leg is 
broken and you’re “not feeling it” ’cause your leg is broken, don’t 
train. In case you don’t know me personally, I love CrossFit but I 
don’t crossfit. A set of eight is “metcon.” So my experience doesn’t 
necessarily apply directly to Fran and AMRAPs and Open Sectionals. But 
then again that stuff is superficial: the intimate self-understanding 
earned from the struggle of training is the strength of any athlete 
regardless of their sport. And there are dozens of people just like me 
at this “gym.” So, how are you feeling today? 


A. Back Squat; 5-3-1-5-3-1; rest 2-3mins

Running Clock – “Wall Ball”
*Begin each minute with 10 Double Unders/Lateral Hops

min 1 – 10 DU/LH + 1 Wall Ball
min 2 – 10 DU/LH + 2 Wall Ball
min 3 – 10 DU/LH + 3 Wall Ball
min 4 – 10 DU/LH + 4 Wall Ball
min 5 – 10 DU/LH + 5 Wall Ball
so on until you cannot complete the given reps within the minute.

Out of Town WOD

Running Clock – “Squats”
*Begin each minute with 10 Double Unders/Lateral Hops

min 1 – 10 DU/LH + 1 Squat
min 2 – 10 DU/LH + 2 Squats
min 3 – 10 DU/LH + 3 Squats
min 4 – 10 DU/LH + 4 Squats
min 5 – 10 DU/LH + 5 Squats
so on until you cannot complete the given reps within the minute.

Mobility WOD 


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