TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Feb. 21st

Who’s this freakin’ guy?  Best member name we have.  TJ Kelly.  Yeah buddy!

Open Gyms on T/Th at noon in SR, 7pm Wed night in Novato every week and 4pm Friday in Novato this week. Also 4pm in Mill Valley from now on. Lots of OG options!

This Sunday is Seminar #2: The Foundation of Fitness- Strength.  The Squat, Deadlift and Press.

Register for the CrossFit Open.  We now have teams for all four gyms.  Gonna be a good time.

Need some good reading material?  Allison was asked to create a list of good reads for CrosssFitters. Her list was posted on, a very cool website you should definitely check out! You can also read it and other good stuff at, Allison’s blog about the Power of Community, her book to be released on March 20th.

Books the Smart CrossFitter Should Read


Jerk out of Racks – Build up to a tough single for the day

600m Run
30 Pull UPs
20 Jerks from floor (135/95)
30 Pull Ups
600m Run

*Competitors-50 GHD’s/50 Back Ext.

Out of Town WOD

600m Run
30 Pull UPs
20 Clapping Pushups
30 Pull Ups
600m Run

Mobility WOD


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One Response to TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Feb. 21st

  1. Erin says:

    Hi TJ! Thanks for sharing Allison’s list of Books Smart CrossFitters Should Read. All of the suggestions point to the fact that if you are serious about getting fit and changing your life, there’s more to it than just going to your CrossFit class.

    I have already bought and started reading the one about sleep. Fascinating.

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